Monday, October 15, 2018

Welcome Cold(er) weather!

Hi everyone.....How have you been?  I have been busy with my vacations and travels, but this past weekend I stayed home and it was wonderful.  Well, first I had to mow the yard Friday because it appears this rain will never stop (grrrrr!)....then I had a lazy weekend.

As you can see from last week's post, I got to wear some of my recently finished hand knits in Canada and I am wearing my lounging top and Boxy Cape today to work because it was cold this morning....46 degrees I think (7.77 celcius).

So, what did I work on during my lazy weekend?  Well, I finished my test knit socks...they were due tomorrow so I am glad they are done:

I started a crochet blanket for Darlene....she has been making 6 crochet blankets for her family and wanted a crochet blanket for herself to go with some new couches she I told her if she got the yarn, I would make the blanket....I am trying to stay with one stripe (4 rows) per day:

While I was in Canada, I got some amazing yarn from Louise, the owner of Biscotte Yarns.....and with it I am testing one of Louise's designs....this is the most amazing cardigan design I have seen, and so far I love it.



Which order?

First try was a bust and I had to frog....3 rows of almost 500 stitches, I was near tears:

now I am on track

Darlene wants to make a Boxy Cape, so I am going to make one with her...this time I am using Malabrigo Rios with the Pearl Ten is an almost black, super dark grey, with purplish or blueish undertones, very hard to photograph.....

I also crocheted on my Rainbow Virus Shawl....this might be neglected for a while, so I figured I would show it now.

Other than that, Antonio and my dogs missed me while I was gone.....

I got Antonio some socks from Canada ad he is wearing them:

My mom patched up my favorite yoga pants

My Nephew, Sean, made Eagle Scout....CONGRATS SEAN!  This is an amazing accomplishment!

And Jaime missed me too....he took me to dinner on Friday night.....he ate all healthy (grilled plate) and I got bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp.....yum!

That is all I have.....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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