Monday, October 29, 2018

Happy 7th Birthday Antonio!

Can you believe he is 7 already?  About 8 months after he was born was when I decided to start this blog......and time has flown!

I will upload a bunch of pics from the party yesterday at the end of the blog :)

Now, on to knitting (and crocheting):

I finally blocked the shawl for Vicki and got it off in the mail to her.....Vicki, I am sorry it took so long!

And let me just looks AMAZING on her!

I started  new blanket for Celete's baby brother coming in February of next year.....the color can look a little purple in certain lights, but I hope it looks mostly blue.

I finished the blanket for Darlene...she loves it!

I worked on my Vortex Cardigan and I am loving it.....just 2 sleeves to go.


Here is my progress on the other cardigan test knit and my crocheted rainbow shawl....I hit green....barely, but I hit it!

Darlene got me and early Christmas Present...the David's tea advent calendar and matching mug....I LOVE IT!

Her Daughter, Shyla, opened an Etsy shop and is doing a Sock Monkey should check out her shop here and her giveaway here.

I got some Butter Slime for the grandkids (but forgot to take it to them at the party yesterday....I will have to give to them next weekend):

Well, that is all I have......on to Antonio Party Picture Overload:

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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