Wednesday, October 10, 2018

My Canadian Trip

Well, For this week (yes I am late) I think I will just give you a picture overload of my trip to Canada.  These are not all the pictures, but some of the ones with me in it and some beautiful views.....oh, and the food ones of course....I am pretty sure I gained about 6 lbs!  The food was amazing!

First I had to get some Canadian is plastic....kinda neat!

Layover in Houston

I made it!

 Smoked Meat!

 Fast Passenger Train
 Poutine and Chicken

Knitting Friends

My first Poutine!

 Me, Doris, Louise, Paulette, Ginette


 The Biscotte Cat!

 Owner, Louise!

 Ahhhhhhhh, David's Tea!

 Olympic Stadium

 Lantern in the Botanical Gardens

On the way to Quebec City......look at the colors of the trees!
 Breakfast at A&W

 The Falls

 The Hotel we stayed at!

 Chateau Frontenac

On the Ferry

 View from our window....26th floor....amazing!

 View in the morning!

 Lunch Buffet

Look at Abby watching TV

 Baguette with butter and raspberry jelly at Knitting group...mmmmmmmm


 They don't get any fresher!

Chicken Pot Pie!

Breakfast at Paulette's, she treated me like a queen!
 Mmmmmmmmm, Cruller!
 Montreal Guided Tour

 Prosciutto sandwich

 The river

 I haven't seen one of these in years

 Selfie where some dude just jumped in the way!

 Masked potatoes with mashed carrots and pork loin

 Apple Crisp

 I was at my gate at 4:00 am for my 5:30 flight!

 This guy MUST be going to SA....and I was right, he was!
 Sunrise in the plane!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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