Friday, May 7, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!

 HI everyone....I am just about to get ready to go to my sister's lake house to kick off a Mother's Day weekend.  We will be eating my mother's cannelloni tonight, then massages (me, my mom, sister and niece...Paige could not make it) for all the girls Saturday morning.....Antonio has golf on Sunday and I have a workout with Paige Sunday morning with our usual Sunday morning trainer, Ped.

I hope y'all have a wonderful Mother's Day!

What have I been working on?  Pretty much only 2 things.  I started a wallaby for red.   I have been meaning to start this wallaby for like 2 years....but I finally started it.

I got yarn to make Shyla a Mae sweater

I won a pair of needles from Knitters Pride....

and while this was exciting, my bubble was quickly burst when I realized they (the companies that do give a ways) like to look good by saying I get to pick whatever I want....but I really don't.  I have to pick from the select few things they have....this is so frustrating!  But I guess it is better than nothing (even though sometimes I think not winning at all would be better than bursting my bubble)....

Antonio has been doing great at his tournaments...and he has another one this coming Sunday!

My friend and co-podcaster, Elizabeth, made a gorgeous dotted rays shawl.....and now Darlene and I want to make one.  Can you guess which colors are for me and which are for darlene?

These two girls both had their 8th birthday this past week.....Happy Birthday Cataleya and Alexxis!

I started some socks in this amazing green color for my new guy, Lupe.......

And Kody decided he wanted socks and picked the same color!  So, this might have come in the mail:

Paige found a healthy snack for us to try and I really like them....

I lost my dog of almost 13 years, Precious, I am back to a 2 dog house.

Lastly, I am on the collar for the Ledberg Cardigan......about 1/2 way done with collar.

Have a great week......Here are some amazing mugs I wanted to buy, but realize I have way too many mugs already!

And this one is the best.....because, my family calls me Care Bear!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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