Monday, October 22, 2018

What a week.......

Well, I have had a bit of a crazy week....and this will be a long post.....

My mom and Dad went to Houston for my mom's treatment, they forgot a bag and I had to get it and meet them with it, they also need their lawn mowed but the &#%)#^%#)$ RAIN WILL NOT STOP long enough for me to mow it.....GRR!  Thankfully their neighbor was able to mow it Wednesday evening.....My mom is doing so much better.  My dad almost passed out and had super high blood pressure, but thankfully they were at the dr office, so they could give him water and monitor him....she was very nauseous and did vomit once, but she is doing much better (Praise God!)!  They are now home!!  Thank you for all the prayers!

I did meet a friend for dinner on Tuesday, Star (Nick's Girlfriend that we went to the lakehouse with a while back)....We went to the Yard House (I guess it is known for it's beer) and she got a BIG beer, I got wine and we both got the Ahi was delicious!


My sister's boat house and dock at the lake did flood, but thankfully the house did not.  Out of all their friends with houses on the lake, they were the only ones that did not have water in the house (my sister's house sits a little higher than most) so she had 5 families all staying at her lake house this past weekend and she fed them all since she had the only working appliances.....they all went as a group to each other's homes to help them clean up the mud and sludge....they know it could have been so much worse so they were very lucky and are very blessed!!

As for knitting, I only worked on one thing.....being a monogamous knitter sure makes for a lot of work getting done on the one item, but it also makes for a fairly boring least I have had a ton of other things going on to where this is a pretty long blog post.

I worked on my test knit for the Vortex Cardigan and I am really loving it!  This Biscotte Yarns Pure DK is heavenly to work with!

You can kinda see how it is shaping out....this is the most unique my cord is a 32" so it does not lay out all the way:

I also worked on Darlene's blanket, I am on stripe 12....just 4 more stripes after this one!  Oh, and Max really love the blanket as you can see!

Oh and I signed up for another test knit....a cardigan, but I barely have any done:

That is it for the crafting......

There was a beautiful sunrise on was hard to capture, the colors were more red, but I still took a picture.

Little Mario's children were dedicated at their church service...I love these kiddos (Alexxis and Baby Mario):

And Antonio is ready for fall.....he is such a goofball, but I love him so much!  His birthday is tomorrow!!  His party is Sunday, so get ready for picture overload next weekend.

I found out that Celeste's mom is expecting!  She is having a boy....due around February of next year....I need to make a baby blanket for him!!!  This will be grandchild number, not a biological one, but mine just the same!  They had their gender reveal party this past Saturday.

I also need to make baby blankets for Jaime's Niece and Nephew....they are each expecting a new one in their home early next year!  That is 3 baby blankets.... I better get a move on!

Lastly, I want to share some photos my mom and dad took at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival a couple of weeks ago....they had a great time!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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