Monday, March 12, 2018

More Stroopwafels!

Hi has your week been?  Mine has been great!  Did you remember to Spring Forward two nights ago?

Last week I told you about stroopwafels....that I learned about in the Sock Madness forums....well, I was telling a friend about them and she sent me some fresh ones (along with some amazing Labello)....fresh from the baker in The Netherlands....OMG, these are even better!  Thank you Brigit!  If you have never tried them, you need to.....these are like heaven!

and speaking of Sock Madness.....I finished my socks and qualified to be on a team!  I finished these socks in 7 days....which I know does not sound like much...but that is super fast for me.  Especially for patterned socks.  This is the fastest I have finished a pair of patterned socks!

I also worked on my Portage this past week.  I got both sleeves finished.  Now I just need a 6" collar and pockets!!!

I also got my temperature blanket all caught up to the 8th of March.....I was 3 weeks behind and it took me hours to catch up, so I hope I never let myself fall that far behind again.

Antonio had belt testing this past I took my January Harry Potter socks to work on...I got maybe an inch or so done on them...I know I have had them on the needles forever, but I love having them as just 'to go' knitting or podcast knitting!

Lastly, I started something new.....the Rugged Coat by Joji Locatelli.  I am using my new Bags By Awesomegrannie tote and I love it!  Now, this is kinda a weird construction.....but I am just following the pattern!  Darlene is knitting this with me.....I am so excited!!!!

Now for some random things.....a friend of Paige's tagged her on FB with an old, I think she was like 5 or 6 here....
 I made more bread this weekend and I mean to send some with Paige to the lakehouse, but forgot....but this was my best bread to was kinda airy and light....maybe a bit too light, but I really enjoyed next time I think I should make 'rolls' so I can freeze them...the bread goes to waste too quickly with just me at home.

Here is the sunrise this morning!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not...but this week is Spring Break here in SA, TX.....and Paige went to my sister's is her, Antonio, Jazz, Bizzle, and Sam (short for Samantha) with Sam's 2 kids....I have some pics.....Antonio with breakfast, Paige and Sam kayaking, and Bizz fell out of, some of these I had to snag from snapchat, and they were kayaking late at night so some are really dark.


That is all I have...Have a great week everyone!


Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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