Monday, December 11, 2017

Snow in South Texas!!

Hi everyone....did you get snow this past week?  I did!  I was so excited (you can make fun of me if you want)!  The official reading at the airport said 1.9 inches.....and the last time South Texas got that much snow was 32 years ago in 1985 when we got 13 inches (that was the first winter after I moved here....I was in 7th grade)!  I only say all that so you know how rare it is for us to get snow that 'sticks'.  Here are some pics around my house:

Pics of Antonio enjoying the snow:

The bad side of all this snow is the accidents that can happen....Most San Antonioians (myself at the top of the list) do not know how to drive in snow or ice because we never get it to practice or learn.  There was a large multi car pile up on the highway:

Which is why the city usually shuts down with ice and snow....LOL!

Okay, Okay...enough of the weather and traffic reports (LOL) far as knitting goes, I finished my dads sweater (sans buttons)!  It is a little big on me, so I hope it fits him okay....we will see on Christmas Eve!

I worked a little on Paige's socks!

I did a little work on my Portage:

I started a new crochet blanket (for me or my sister...I'm not sure yet):

I started this blanket with a stash enhancement....I got the Bernat Blanket in a Dark Grey, Vintage White and Pumpkin Spice color to make like a Longhorn blanket!  Hopefully it comes out okay!

Lastly, I finished that crochet blanket for a co-worker.  She loved it!

I have a picture of my weeks worth of mini's from my swap partner.....I love them all!

Well, that is really all I have for this week......I do have a picture of Precious trying to claim a blanket and a beautiful sunrise this morning from my work view.

Have a great week everyone! 

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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