Monday, December 4, 2017

Is it really December?

It does not feel like December to me....I think today it is supposed to be 83 degrees....and that just does not feel like December!  I put up my Christmas tree yesterday and I was sweating and had the A/C.....there is just something wrong with putting up a Christmas tree when it is so hot outside. 

Here is the tree!

I got my new phone....I ordered the iPhone X on October 27th and just go it....yup, took forever.....I love it and  am getting used to it.  I am also going to let Paige try it for a day or two and see if she likes it.  I may let her have it...but I am not really sure if she is going to like it more than her iPhone 8 Plus....we will see!
I have to say that even with all my griping about the weather, I am happy it is December!  I get to open my advent calendars!  I have the advent mini skein swap I did and I also have the David's tea advent calendar that Darlene got me.....
Here is my Mini Swap:

I did not have a day 1 of tea to open because I drank that day 1 tea the day that I got the calendar....LOL!  Here are my mini skeins and tea for the last 3 (2 for tea) days...


I will not bog down this blog with every single picture in coming weeks...but I will have each day's picture with the name of yarn and tea on my Instagram account if you want to check it out.  :)

So what did I do knitting wise....well, I mostly worked on my dad's ranger cardigan....I took some time off work last week because it was Jaime's birthday and we were going to go out of town for one night and have dinner and then come back.  Well, he could not think of where he wanted to go and he ended up getting an emergency call for work so we did not go out of town and I was waiting for him to get off so we could go out to eat and I got lots of knitting I knit my fingers to the bone on my daddy's cardigan to try to get it done.  It is not done, but it is getting there :)

I decided I wanted to block it before I picked up stitches for the button and button hole at first I really stretched it sideways to make sure it would fit my dad.

But my dad is not that big, so I brought it in to a more natural look...

I brought it to work for a coworker of mine to try it on...he is about the same size as my dad, but my dad is taller and it looks great on my coworker, so I hope it looks just as great on my dad!

I also worked a little on my portage...but not as much as I should have...I am behind on it according to my spreadsheet...oh well, maybe I can catch up!

Funny how my body form was getting no love and collecting dust and now I needed it for 2 items....LOL!

Lastly, I worked on a crochet blanket for a co-worker.  She is about to get her first grandchild...a boy.  She saw one of my crocheted blankets and asked if I sell them...and I of course said no....and she asked if she could get me to make her one for her grandbaby....and I said "we will talk" I am making her a much smaller version of a crochet blanket:

I do have a couple of stash enhancements.....the first is not really a 'stash' enhancement, just and enhancement...Antonio had a fundraiser at his school and they had those big 30oz yeti knock off Burnt Orange, so I had to get one.  It matches my Portage and I LOVE it!

Then.....I got a surprise package in the aunt and uncle recently took a trip to New Zealand.  When they were there, they messaged me that there were LOTS of sheep in New Zealand.....well, at one place they stayed a lady was spinning yarn that she sold.  My aunt bought me a skein and mailed it to is a Corriedale sheep and about 110 yards.....I think I will make my aunt a nice cowl or hat.....they live in Napa, CA and it gets much colder there than here :)

I think that is it......the only other 'big' thing I did this past week was clean out my deep freezer to make room for more deer meat....Jaime had been hunting every weekend.  I already got one deer back from processing and hope he or one of the boys shoots another really soon :)

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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