Monday, October 16, 2017

Loving the weather

It is getting cooler and cooler each morning and I am loving the means I can pull out some blankets and heavy things to knit on!  I do have a little bit of a sore throat with the cold front, but I hope it goes away.

This past week was a bit of a bust in the knitting department.  I blogged last Tuesday (a day late because of the holiday)...then on Wednesday I got sick....some stomach bug I think, but I was very weak (I think from dehydration) and had fever and chills.  I slept most of Wednesday and the morning of Thursday too...till around noon when I think my fever finally broke.

Then this past Friday/Saturday I had Antonio and Celeste, and yesterday Darlene and I podcasted with a special guest....her granddaughter, Peyton!

So what did I work on?

Well, Paige has a client whose wife had a baby Paige asked me to make a navy blue hat.


I worked on Paige's Dishtowels.....and I finished them!  Yahoo!  The kitchen cotton was starting to hut my hands, so I am glad these are done!

I also worked on her pot holder...but I did talk to my friend in Florida that makes these potholders...and while I will finish this one, I am sending yarn to my friend to make more for Paige and paying her....I am just not good at it and I want Paige to have nice potholders:

I worked on my socks....not much, but a little:

Then I worked on my Daddy's Ranger...I started a sleeve:

I had two stash enhancements....some fabulous self striping yarn from Biscotte Yarns...Thank you Louise!

And a Slothmas set that Darlene did with Carie from the Creative Obsession.  These items are available separate, but not as a kit anymore.

I had all the grandkids this past weekend....they wore me out but I love them so much!

Paige got her furniture...and now has a place to sit.

And she is trying to teach her puppy, Jazz, that stairs are not tasty:

That is all I have....stay warm and have a great week!


Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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