Monday, July 31, 2017


Hey have you been?  Staying cool?  It has been HOT, HOT, HOT here.....super heatwave!  My AC seems like it has been running non stop for days.  My house is old and not very well insulated, so I should really fix that. This past Saturday was supposed to be our hottest day of the year (according to the news).  When I went out, it was 108! 

So staying inside to knit was definitely on the calendar.  I really only worked on 2 things this week......My dad's ranger and my Briochevron Cowl.

Here is the Ranger:

Here is the Cowl.....I worked on this more than anything else.....I am sooooo close to being done!

There is a progress keeper in this last photo towards the bottom so you can see how much I did.

I am hoping to finish that super small lip amount today....a little at lunch today and a little tonight and I should be FINISHED!

I got my yarn from Yarn Café Creations....Thank you Christy!

I got the Red Cereza Malabrigo Rios from Wool Warehouse (since I used my yarn for my dad's Ranger):

I also got a Simone Cardigan Kit from We Are Knitters.....these kits are very expensive, however I have to say the quality of what I have seen so far is fabulous!  The box was sturdy, each kit came in its own sturdy bag nicely arranged.  The pattern is in a small envelope and so far there is a small part of the pattern (the materials section) that appears wrong....that can be a little frustrating when you are purchasing such and expensive kit....but oh well.  They really kind of get you because their patterns are not available for purchase unless you buy the kit.  Darlene's oldest granddaughter, Kagan, wants a bulky sweater and she picked this of course I have to make it with her (DUH!) and I am making one for Paige.

I started a new sweater for me...but screwed up and had to frog the whole thing....Which is giving me the sign that it was not meant to be and I already have too many things on the needles!!  But I really want to make this.....maybe after the Big 4!

I won an Instagram Contest from Space Cadet and got a gift certificate....with the gift certificate I got this skein of is called Oxblood, but it is more pinkish than I expected:

The podcast got some yarn from Lavender Mountain Yarns for a giveaway...we get to keep one skein and give one skein away...this yarn feel soooooo good!  Thank you Lynda!

Remember my rose I got last week for my Mammogram...well it bloomed beautifully!

That is all I have folks.....Have a great week!

 I must really love a few people:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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