Monday, July 17, 2017

Glad to be back!

Hi was your week?  Mine was fabulous!  I only had a 4 day work week....Jaime and I left to go look at my property on Thursday evening and we came back last was a great mini vacay and I got lots of knitting done....but I am glad to be back home!

I'm gonna jump right into things......First, some stash enhancements:

Darlene and I got our July Colorway from Leading Men Fiber Arts...Grease Lightning...I love it!

I got another skein of BugBear Woolens...this is called Fire and Smoke..I am sure you know why I bought it....Love the colors!  I asked Jennifer to wind in a center pull cake because I hope to use this yarn for Tour De Sock.

I also got a skein of yarn from Biscotte....Louise is so generous, she sent 2 skeins of yarn for me and Darlene with a note "To the new Podcast girls :) have fun <3"

Thank you Louise....we can't wait to show them on the podcast!

Darlene gave me her skein of Junk Yarn....I will use this in my I just need 2 more colors....Thank you Darlene!  You are too good to me!

I do have a little bit more yarn on the way to me....I think I had a few moments of weakness and had a 'buying' urge.....Bad Carrie!

I finished my Llama Drama Shawl....Love it.  I even blocked it on my own (I am sure Darlene was relieved)....It is amazing what blocking can do sometimes.

Before Blocking


 After Blocking

Tour de Sock 2017 I frogged the small start of my July socks and I am using this yarn for Tour de Sock and double dipping with DVD sock a month.

I also started and finished a hat for Darlene's niece.  I still need to block it...but I finished it while on the road to NM with Jaime.

I did about 5" on my briochevron is coming along, but man do I need to pay attention.

Well, that is all I have......I am gonna share some pictures of my trip.....two puppies (of which, one will be mine) and me and Antonio after I got did I miss him!

Pictures never show the real beauty of sunsets and sunrises...but that does not keep me from taking the picture!

Saw this in some tiny town...Love longhorns!

Antonio went to Incredible Pizza while I was he is in the bumper cars with his mom!

He took care of Precious while I was gone...this is Antonio, sitting in Precious' bed, with his power rangers jacket, comforting Precious.

And this is Antonio impersonating me....GaMa!

One of these will be mine soon.....

Have a great week everyone!  Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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