Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello.......

I have lots of things to say Hello to this past week......Hello November, Hello Time Change, Hello Cooler Weather, Hello Deer Hunting Season! :)

Can you believe it is already November?  Where does the time go?  I love this time of year's time change when I get an extra hour :)

I am going to jump into stash enhancements...but be sure to stay with me till the end as you do not want to miss Celeste's, Cataleya's and Antonio's Halloween costumes they wore last Monday!

My first Stash enhancement was technically a Christmas Present, but I guess it was just meant to be an early Christmas Present.  Let me explain, both Darlene and I watched a new podcast called The Yarn Hoarder and on her 2nd video (not technically an episode) she does a Rhinebeck Recap and shows this awesome basket woven looking leather tote.....I just had to get I looked up Long Ridge Farms and contacted them...they had some (yeah!).  I asked Darlene if she liked them and she said she (after much talking with the lady selling them) I ordered a black one for me and a red one for Darlene.....the next day right after the lady sent me my tracking number, Darlene sends me a message and says that she contacted them and they have more totes...she is buying one and do I want to get one too?   GRRRRRRR!!  I reply with (and I quote):

"no!!!!!  dont!!!!!  I just bought you one for Christmas.....I hate you!"

Oh well, so much for a Christmas present....but it was meant to be because there was no way I could have waited till Christmas to use it is best that I just gave it to her early.  She loves it and I am thrilled that she loves it (and she knows I do not hate her)!!!

Oh, and the totes were wrapped with orange tissue was like the lady knew me....LOL!

Then, I got some more of my Instagram Prizes from Susan at Desert Vista Dyeworks....I got 10 mini skeins and a Sweet Pea Pod.....I only have 2 more prizes to get and that is a DVD tote and a skein of DVD yarn....Yahoo!!!  Thank You Susan for all your generosity!

Oh, and since I am a leggings junkie....I got some new ones.  These are especially for Hunting Season and I wore them all weekend and plan on wearing them most of next weekend :)  they are super comfy!

Oh, and remember that tea that Maggie from FireFlyFibreArts?  I am in LOVE with the double spice chai black tea....I had it last night before bed:

Well, since this is a knitting blog....let me get on to the knitting.  So, over the past couple of weeks I have tried to knit on only 3 (sometimes only 2) things....and while it does help get progress done on those things you are working on....I feel like I have less and less to show here on my blog.

I worked on the "this is taking forever and it feel like it is not growing" black sweater, but as stated last week, I will not show you a picture every week.  I also worked on the back panel of Paige's sweater (mostly because I kind of still have no clue how to do those pockets)....the back panel is about 25 1/2" this will be more like and XXL sweater....but I put it around her and she is well aware of how large it will be.  Worst Case scenario....I keep this sweater and start a new one for her :)

Then I started my November Socks.....I finished my October socks on 10/17 and cast on my November socks 11/5...that is 18 of no sock knitting and I really, really missed it.  I had other socks to knit on, I just didn't...and when I cast these on, I realized how much I missed knitting socks!

Then....Darlene struck again!  She has been thinking of doing a crocheted chevron blanket with bulky yarn....well, we all know that I have to be like her and she has to be like me and we have to do what the other one is doing....LOL!  So, I thought I would try to make one too...this will be for Antonio because he just loves anything I make for him....I had this yarn at home to start with, but I have some more coming from Knit is Brava Bulky held double and a size P can see I messed up on the red a couple of times.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I won some yarn!  Yup....on IG with my friend Mary....we are each getting 5 skeins of Zealana Performa RIMU DK yarn.......I am so excited...Mary texted me this morning and the package is already in SA!

Well, that is all I have....I hope to have more for you next week since I will be at the lease with Jaime from Thursday to Sunday!

Here are those promised Halloween pictures along with one fun knitting picture!

This is Celeste with Paige's new boyfriend Chris (yes, he last boyfriend's name was Chris too):  Chris has known Celeste since she was born because he is great friends with Erich.

Here I am taking pictures of them taking pictures of themselves:

This is what it looks like while they take the pictures:

And here is the one of the pictures she took (flip screened of course)!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!