Monday, November 28, 2016

27 Days Till Christmas

Hey!  Did you have a fabulous Thanksgiving and Thanksknitting?  Mine was very nice.

Can you believe that Christmas is just a short 27 days away?  Me Either!  Are you trying to finish some Christmas Knitting?

Let me just jump into this knitting.........I worked my little fingers to the bone last week trying to get the Black Sweater done by Wednesday so I could give to Darlene since she is seeing her DIL on Thanksgiving.

I DID IT......Darlene just needs to seam the sides.....I know some of these pictures look grey or blueish but I promise this sweater is BLACK!

I should have moved my messy hair...but here it is on before any blocking:

So, what else did I knit on?  Well, I finished some socks from APRIL....They are my Eeyore and Piglet Socks....I would like to get all my socks off the needles before the end of the year so I can start the new year fresh....we will see, I am running out of time!

I also started my Yoga Shawl.  I do not know why I started this so late in the year....but I saw Leslie's from the Knotty Knit Wits Podcast and I really want one of these....I probably will not finish for forever, but I got one whopping repeat done....LOL!  I took a close up so "maybe" you can see a little of the triangle/chevron pattern:

That is all the 'knitting' I did.....but I did do some crocheting....I worked a little on Antonio's Crocheted Chevron Blanket.....I started this blanket with some skeins of yarn I had in my stash and then ordered more yarn from Knit Picks.....well, they are different.  The reds are different, the greys are different....but I am just gonna go with it....I do not think Antonio is going to care.

I also want to make some more of these blankets (I am really enjoying it)....Darlene is making one of her granddaughters and her soon to be Son In Law blankets with Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn......So I may have ordered 34 skeins of this yarn to make a couple of blankets....and it came in!

Oh, and Antonio wanted a Ninja Turtle....he bugged me for it all day Friday but I was tired (I will tell you why later) so as soon as we got up Saturday he said "Are you going to make my Ninja Turtle today?"  That boy things I can just snap my fingers and finish stuff.....LOL!   Well, I made him one:

This is a very tiny Ninja Turtle, but he liked it and he picked out the pattern here.

Well, that is really all the knitting/crocheting I did.....However, I also got my Yarn Room re-organized.  Some of you may remember when Paige came and cleaned out my yarn room as  Birthday present to me last year....well, I let it get super packed with yarn and toys and 'STUFF'.....I do not have a before picture (it would have been too embarrassing to be honest) but I do have an after panoramic pic.....I am pretty proud of myself!

For next week I hope to

1. Get my needles smoking on Paige's Sweater....she still wants it for Christmas (and I only have 27 days)....we are going to have to see about that!

2.  Work on Briochevron Cowl since I need to finish it for the KAL in Bags By Awesome Grannie Group


That is all I have....I hope you all have a fabulous week.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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