Monday, June 13, 2016

Rough Week!

Hey everyone!  I hope you guys had a bettern week than I did.  It has been a rough week for me.  I have had some bad news and sad new and not enough glad news....the good news is, that I hope it can only get better from here on out!

I will jump straight to the knitting.....what have I done?   Socks mostly.

I worked some more on the tour de sock pattern....and missed the I will probably just do a stockinette foot instead of the patterned foot since that is easier and faster for me....of course, I still need to finish the leg and do the heels.  I will not be doing stage 2 because the cabling on it is just too much for me!

Then, I cannot forget my June DVD socks....I cast them on at SNB this past Saturday and I got a lot done!  I had the help of Baby (on the left) and Precious (on the right)....I am surprised my butt fit in between these two.

I am doing Driftwood socks by Mina Philipp of the Expat Knitting is a very basic sock with a small pattern on front....she has a new sock collaboration called "Beyond Vanilla".

I also worked a little on my Smooth Move....but no need for a picture because you can barely tell I have even moved.

I did cast on for the Rennandi....I did a small gauge swatch to make sure I liked the drape witha 4.5 stitches per inch gauge and then cast on and did like one or two rows...just barely a start.....I know this is kind of like breaking my Big 4 retreat no cast on rule, but like I mentioned last week, I was a member of this club before the retreat started so it should be grandfathered, I have 2 of my 4 items done and it has only been 1.5 out of 4 months so far....but you know I can figure out a way to justify any cast on...LOL!

Speaking of being able to justify any cast on....I recently found out that my boss's wife is expecting.  He has 4 boys from a previous marriage and this will be her first child....and they are having a I will need to cast on some kind of blanket for his soon to be born daughter...but I will hold off till I finish something else.  I think I will use this yarn in my stash:

That is all I have for the knitting....I have some happy news to grand daughter, Celeste, got awards for outstanding achievements in Math, Science, and Perfect Attendance!  Here she is with her award and her sister, Cataleya.

I also got to see Antonio this past week and he cooked himself some scrambled eggs with cheese (okay, so Ga-Ma helped a little)....he was really proud of himself....I find it hard to teach him sometimes because he is left handed....but he did great (that is my smooth move in the background)!

I also have some sad news....which is what made this a very rough week for me....

Jaime and I were not talking (we are okay now), so that made it harder....for a while there I really thought we were going to call it quits and it made for a depressing week....

While that was hard.....much harder was that my dog, Baby, got pretty sick...when I came home from the lakehouse she just was not herself...I took her to the vet, got her some meds and at first I was hopeful that she was getting better, but over the past weekend....she has become it is about her quality of life and I do not think it is very good, so I have an appointment to have her cross that Rainbow Bridge this afternoon.  I will miss her greatly, but she had a wonderful life and I got to spend about 12 years of it with her!  I will miss you terribly Baby (she is the Dachshund in the first pic)!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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