Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy (Belated) Father's Day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day, whether you are a Father, play the role of a Father, or spent it with your Father, I hope it was fabulous!

Here is my Dad and my Grandfather (his dad).  I never knew my grandfather because he died before I was born, but I still love him for giving me my daddy!!!!

My dad:

My grandfather:

Okay, on to the knitting!

I finished my Monthly DVD socks....the rainbow ones:

Now, these socks turned my fingers blue/purple while knitting, I wanted to soak these socks in water with citric acit in the water to see how well the citric acid worked like a charm....the socks did not bleed at all, and this is HOT water!

I forgot to mention that I knit these socks with some new sock needles...they are called Zings and they are by Knit Pro.  I really enjoyed these needles and they are very I am going to switch gears to some Stash enhancements:

I also got some new Dyakcraft needles...the Robins Egg Blue ones....these are sooooo pretty!  I LOVE THEM!

A friend of mine that came to SNB at my house got me the cutest serving tray...I just love it!

My last stash enhancement is not really knitting related (I guess neither was the serving tray), but relaxing related...Bath & Body works had a big sale and brought back some old favorite scent is Cucumber Melon and my daughters favorite is Sweat I got some shower gel and lotions and fragrance sprays :)

Okay......sorry I got back to the knitting.

I started some new socks for a Biscotte & Cie KAL here.  These socks have a provisional cast on and then you knit for a bit and was quite challenging for me...but I got them both done.

Then I worked a little on Paige's gigantor blanket...I should have been done with this by now if  I had done my 2 rows a day...but I didn't so I am only like 1/2 way done :(

I have been working away at my smooth move (for my BIG 4 Retreat)...and I am about 84% done.....maybe, just maybe I can finish it this week:

Then, I was cruzin' along on the sweater for Darlene's DIL...but Darlene did not like the look of I ripped back to the end of the ribbing and started over with the real is hard to phototgraph it in black.

That is really all I have this week.  I had Antonio this past weekend for a little bit and I also got to see Celeste and Cataleya!  I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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