Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, yesterday was officially the first day of Spring!  The strange thing is....we have had all this nice and warm weather and this past weekend we had a cold front come was 38 degrees this morning and I had ice on my windshield!

How has your week been?  Mine has been great....a friend of mine told me about Walmart Grocery Pickup...It was AWESOME!  I did not think I could get any lazier than I already was, but I was wrong.....I put everything I needed in my online cart on Wednesday (you have to do it the day before so it is not meant for last min pick ups).....selected between 4 and 5 on Thursday for my pick up time....they called me at 3:52pm on Thursday to let me know that my order was ready...I got there at 4:26pm and called them to let them know I was there.  They came out at 4:29pm, loaded up my car, I checked everything, signed their electronic do-hickey (very technical) and was out of there at 4:31....Best Grocery Shopping Experience EVER!  If you want to try it, please do use my link here because then I get $10 off and so do you (must spend $50).  Oh, and the produce I got was better than any produce I usually pick out on my own....Bonus!  I wish they had this when my kids were young!

Now, lets get on to the is that time of year again for LSSK to do "Spring Fling Dishrag Tag".  I volunteered to start a box and I was chosen to start a I made a quick dishcloth for my recipient and got some goodies at Michael's and sent my box on its way on Friday.  She should have it today and I do not think she reads my blog so I can post a picture here (Inside the bunny cellophane is chocolate, but it is in that bag to keep from melting...should be no problem at 38 degrees....LOL) :

Then, I got my Miss Babs Knitting Tour 'Bump in the Road' Bonus Skein....long story, but the yarn for the March shipment was not ready so they sent us something to keep us busy till the package comes out next month.  This is the new Miss Babs base called has Cashmere in it and it is soooooo soft!

The pattern is by Susanna IC and Kim from KC Pockets to Go is modeling it....made me feel a touch celebrity-ish since I know them both.  The pattern is called Cercis and it is gorgeous!  I hope to start later this week.  I really want to try to keep up with the Tour Knitting this year....along with my gazillion other projects :)

I also got a skein of Must Stash Yarns in the "You had me at Rainbow #6" colorway.  I did not break my yarn diet....I traded a skein with Darlene :)

Then I had the girls this past, I got Mario to come over with his family (I needed help with my Direct TV Dish).

Here is Celeste and Cataleya

Here is Celeste with Uncle Mario

Mario playing Hungry Hippos with his daughter, Alexxis:

And the whole gang (except Mario because he was out on the roof fixing the dish)...From Left to Right is Cataleya, Amanda (Mario's Wife), Baby Mario, Celeste, Alexxis:

Then, I also got a picture of Celeste wearing a sweater/jacket that a friend of mine made for her daughter, but her daughter does not wear it anymore....Celeste loved it....Thanks Melissa!

Now what did I knit on this week....well, besides the dishcloth, I worked on my Citadel (I am sure you are tired of seeing it)...I only worked on the sleeve:

I worked on my sock for March....I actually have them a little past where the heel will go.

Then I got a call from my Aunt Natasha and Uncle Jim are in town.  They travel the world in their A Class RV and somewhere along in their travels they bought some cup cozies...this one is my Aunt's:

My uncle lost his, so they asked if I could make another.  I said sure.  He asked if he could have a gold beaver on it, but I could not find a beaver chart that I liked and that was small enough for this I asked his favorite color (Dark Red) and searched my stash and made this:

I texted them a picture and said I would get it to my Mom's house this week.  This is what I got back:

So more stash diving I aunt asked for Dark Orange...I have about every shade of orange under the sun in my I sent a pic of several and she chose some colors and I finished the Orange one:

I got the teal one cast on, but not finished.  On top of all this knitting and family, I had a new washing machine matches the new dryer I got about a year and a half I had tons of laundry to do.



That is all I have....WOW what a week!  Today is my Niece's 16th Birthday...Happy Birthday Grace!

Have a great week and I hope you all have a very blessed Easter this weekend!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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