Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th be with you!

Did you know it is Star Wars Day today?  I remember watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory when Penny asked what day is Star Wars Day:

Leonard: "Well, it's not May the fifth and it's not May the's May the...fourth!"
Sheldon: "Get it?"
Raj: "May the fourth be with you!" is May the, May the 4th be with you!

I am gonna jump into knitting.....I actually got a lot of knitting done this past weekend!  My boyfriend, Jaime, goes on two motorcycle rides a year with 'the guys'....and this past weekend was the first one this I just hung out with my doggies!

I worked on my Ves Shawl for the Miss Babs Tour:

I worked on my secret test knit (some people know what it is...but I do not want to 'say' it just yet).  I am so close to hitting yellow/gold...I can almost taste it!

and I worked on some socks for a HiyaHiya KAL:

Those are really the only three things I worked on this week...but I think I got a nice amount done on each.

I have a few stash enhancements.....a couple of months ago I got some new stops for my heavy metal needles...well, they came unscrewed while I, I am sure this is a reflection of the way I most people are not knitting on an item while they have stops on needles...but I use the stops for the cord I have where the afterthought heel is going to I would knit...and the item would 'rock back and fourth' and the weight of the stops on the cords would cause them to slowly come unscrewed....the lady I got them from was so nice to let me exchange the stops for lighter ones...and the lighter ones do not come unscrewed while I knit....yeah!

I think I mentioned that I am planning on making my dad a golf club cover....well, a friend of mine sent me her general pattern for club covers for her hubby and said she was using the clover pom pom maker and really liked I got one...I have not used it yet...but I am looking forward to using it.

A friend of mine tagged me on facebook with a certain wine I got for me, one for Darlene, one for my mom and one for my sister....all for Mother's day this weekend.  I could not wait to give Darlene hers (plus, she saw the huge box on my desk) I gave hers to her is hard to read but it says "It's not really drinking alone if the dog is home" and then a tiny paw print.

Package number 2 from Strickmich!Club came it!  It is called Baltic Summer.  I got the double yarn option and I am a little disappointed that my two skeins are pretty different.....I emailed the club about it and Martina gave me some suggestions how to merge them now I am anxious to start.

I also stumbled across some Shaun the Sheep Cross Stitch Sets...I have not done cross stitch in a long time, but I bought 4 kits....I hope to make these soon....I think they will decorate my yarn room nicely!  Aren't they CUTE!

Do you remember back at the beginning of the year, a friend of mine asked me to make her some knitted headbands....and she was going to make me a yarn bowl?

Well, she started it!  Here it done of course!  I am super excited!

Lastly....I am sure many of you know that the Maryland Sheep and Wool show was this past weekend.  Well, one of my friends lives in VA and was going to the event.....she offered to get any items we wanted for us and ship them to us.  I asked for Miss Babs (of course) and she got me 2 skeins Mad Hatter colorway in Yowza, 2 of the exclusive "Maryland Sheep and Wool" colorway in yummy 2-ply and 2 Drunken Watermelon in the new base called Hot Shot (the pictures shown is one hot shot and one yummy 2 ply for comparison, but I got 2 hot shot).

She also got me some fiber from is called Abracadabra (I guess I better get with it and start some real spindling spinning)

and a mug from Jenny the Potter...I do not know what color mine it will be a surprise when the box comes!

I am soooooo excited and I cannot Thank Sara enough for doing this for us...there were several gals getting stuff.  Sara was messaging us all Saturday morning....the line to pay for Miss Babs was SUPER she took some pics of peoples faces when they came out and saw how long the line was.

And there were some serious buyers who had been to this rodeo before:

Sara was in the line for one hour and here she is with her son, Hunter, and her Ikea bag full of yarn!

That's my week!  Happy Happy Happy knitting!

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