Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Driver Golf Club Recipe

Now, my friend, AlwaysAlice, is the one who helped me with this pattern...this is not MY pattern, but I am going to list the generic 'recipe' here just in case you want to make your dad (or whomever) a 'driver' golf club cover.  I put 'driver' in there because I know Alice has been making her hubby other golf club covers and they are each a little different.  She also puts a different number of stripes in the stockinette part to mean something different.  You can stripe or not stripe or change up anyway you like.

Here is her recipe:

She used size US 6 and size US 8 and using smaller needle she cast on 56, joined in round and worked a 2x2 rib for 11-12 inches.  She recommend I try 52 stitches, so I did.  My gauge was about 22 stitches for 4" in stockinette.

Using smaller needle, I cast on 52 stitches, joined in the round, then knit in a 2x2 rib for about 11-12 inches.
Then, switching to larger needles:

If you cast on 52 do this:

Knit to 3 1/2"

decrease round:  (knit 11, k2tog) repeat () one entire round = 48 stitches

Now knit to 4" and do the same decreases as below, starting at the **.

If you cast on 56 do this:

Knit to 4 inches, then do the following decrease:

(knit 6, k2tog)  repeat () all around
knit one round
**(k5, k2tog) repeat () all around
knit one round
(k4, k2tog) repeat () all around
knit one round
(k3, k2tog) repeat () all around
knit one round
(k2, k2tog) repeat () all around
knit one round
(k2tog) repeat () all around

Cut long tail, run yarn thru last 6 stitches, weave in ends and add Pom Pom (I used this clover pom pom maker),

Thank You Alice, I think my dad will love it!


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