Monday, May 18, 2015

Almost a Grand Slam!

Hello everyone!  I hope everybody had a great week!  I did!  I got lots of knitting time.  My bf, Jaime, had to go to Burleson (outside Ft Worth) to look at a truck that his friend might buy for a business venture they are I got to tag along and knit the whole way there, and the whole way was truly Knitting Knirvana!

So, I almost have a grand slam.....I did a triple Play back in October with this I figured a grand slam would be 4 FO's....well, I only got 3 FO's that I did, but the last one is soooooo close, I am calling it an "Almost Grand Slam"

Prior to the trip, I finished my Ves (FO #1)......Yahoo!  I love this shawl!

And Blocking:

I also worked a little on my Vine socks for a Hiya Hiya KAL....this is Madeline Tosh Light Twist Yarn in the Dachsund colorway....I LOVE this color...and I love all Madeline Tosh yarn!

About a month ago, I purchased some sock yarn from Canada....along with this yarn is option to have the yarn hand knit into a pair of I got that option for two skeins of yarn.  The shop is on etsy and it is called Yarn Enabler....if you buy one of her skeins of yarn...for less than $13.00, you can have it knit into a pair of socks.....that is CHEAP!  One is called Flamingo and it is an orange-ish color with a touch of black.  The second yarn colorway I got is called "Not your Mother's Sock Monkey" and it stripes like a sock monkey.  I got 2 skeins of the sock monkey one and had one knit into a pair of socks for me...with the other skein, I think I will knit a pair of socks for Antonio....then we can match!

On the trip there and back, I started and finished a golf club 'driver' cover for my dad...this is my striped item for Loopy Academy (FO #2)...I had to play around with the pom pom's a bit....and had two sorry starts before the final pom pom:

I will post the pattern recipe in a new post.

And, I finished my Pin Striped Socks for Loopy Academy...this is my slipped stitch project (FO#3):

And, I am sooooooo close to finishing my rainbow socks....but not quite there...I only have about 3 more rainbow stripes and I will be I guess that makes it a HO.....anyway, that is my 'Almost Grand Slam':

My last knitting know those vine socks I am knitting (second thing in this post) and I told you how much I am loving the Dachshund colorway.....well, I love it so much that I changed my Camp Loopy Yarn.  I was going to use Malabrigo Arroyo in the Chispas colorway (from last week's post, toward the end)....but I love this Dachshund so much, I had to change and ordered it in the Pashmina base last came in today is gorgeous and I cannot wait for camp to start!

My flowers from Mother's Day have Bloomed Beautifully!

I got to hang out with Antonio a little bit....He wanted a Captain America Costume...this is size 6 (remember, Antonio is 3)...and it almost fits him....

Lastly, on Sunday, I went to my step son's house to have dinner with his family, and Paige and Antonio.....Here are some pictures of the kiddos:

Happy Happy Knitting!

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