Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Car = Proud Mom!

My big news of the week is that my daughter bought a new car!  I am soooooo proud of her!

Way to go Princess!!

So, you know the saying.....April Showers Bring May Flowers....if the saying is true, then we are going to have lots and lots of May flowers.....we have been pounded with rain lately...over 5" this month!

Well, on to the stash enhancements:

Do you remember some yarn I got from a friend last week?  It was FiberNymph in the Total Eclipse color....well, I loved it so much, I had to get another skein.....It is hard to capture this color...but it is gorgeous!

I also got some yarn to make my dad a golf club cover....I have pictures of the two covers he currently uses to cover a very large driver (I think it is a driver)...One is of a min-pin because we used to have one....I will not be making him an animal one....I will try to make him one with black and greyish stripes....and a pom pom on top.

I also got some yarn to make myself either a hat of fingerless gloves...this yarn is cotton, but I think it matches my new purse very well!  I found a hat pattern that I think is so cute...but I honestly do not wear many hats.....so I think fingerless gloves may be more useful....

I also got some really cute needle gauges.....they are from succaplokki and they are super cute....I got them to just be the sock needle sizes so I can put them in my cases that have my dyakcraft heavy metal needles.

Now, on to the knitting!  I only worked on 4 things this week....I finished the Felted Hot Pad for Loopy Academy:

I worked on my secret project knitting...I am getting really close to the next color!  Now, I had a friend ask me about the yarn...pulling from the inside or the outside....it does not matter with this yarn....you just need to pull from where you want the color to start

Now, I had a friend ask me about the yarn...pulling from the inside or the outside....it does not matter with this yarn....you just need to pull from where you want the color to start.  I knew this shawl is a bottom up shawl...and I wanted my darker color at the bottom, so I pulled from the outside.  But I could have easily pulled from the inside if it was a top down shawl and I did not want to re-cake it.

I also worked on my Ves from the Miss Babs Destination 1, Sri Lanka...I have completed 4 repeats...but sadly, I am only barely past 50%

and my Team Spirit socks for a HiyaHiya KAL....I have started the first toe decrease....I usually have both socks going at the same time...but because it was colorwork and I was already using 2 cakes of yarn, I did not want to pull from inside and outside of yarn for 2 socks...I figured it would make a huge tangly mess.

That is all I have for knitting.....sad, I know...but I had a crazy busy week at work, and with Paige buying a new car, and then I went out of town this past weekend to see my son....and well, it was just busy!

I got to see 2 of my grand daughters this past weekend...Celetse and Cataleya

Now, I usually do not post about movies here...but two movies that I have been wanting to see came out today....so tonight it will be me with my knitting and movies!

Oh, and I had a friend tag me in facebook with this post....I love it because when friends see knitting, they think of me....but mostly because it is also Dachshunds!

Lastly....I think all of you know what an online shopper I am....so I see this as me in the near future (let's all hope my computer does not crash!)  Have a great week!

Happy Happy Knitting!

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