Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Happy Spring Break!!

Can you believe it is Spring Break already?  It sure has not felt like Spring Break lately....but I think this week is supposed to show me some mid 70's temperatures....Yahoo!!!

On to the knitting!  What have I done....what have you done?  I did not get too much knitting in this weekend.

I finished that Aviator hat for my friend.....I tried to crochet on the goggles, but it did not look I got some felt from Hobby Lobby, cut out the eyes, made 2 crochet chains, and glued them on the felt, and sewed down the eyes....what do ya think?

I mailed it last week and the recipient should get it today!

I pulled out something pretty old this past week.  A friend of mine is working on her Vitamin D I pulled mine out....I thought I had put it away because it was so big, but I put it away because that dog I had years ago (I called him Little Shit, but his name was Tito) had chewed my, I must have thought I was thinner in 2012....because this is size Lg, and I always make size XL, so I think I will cast on a new one in a bigger size and then frog this one (for some reason, it always makes me feel better to have the new one to the same place as the old one before frogging....yes, I am weird)!

In pulling out old things......I pulled out a sweater I started for Celeste in 2010 (pattern is Pink Orchard).  I had her try it on (and of course Antonio had to try it on too), and I was able to finish it late last night.....I still need to wash it as you can see where my needles hung out for a very long time. (In my defense, I gave this to a lady in 2013 to seam the button bands, but she never got to it and she just mailed it back to me this past December....I hate seaming!!!) I seamed the button bands, added buttons, made the picot edging in bottom of body, did one sleeve, and did the ribbing around the neck this past weekend...that is all it needed.

I had Antonio and Paige over on Tuesday, then on Thursday we went to my parents house for Paige to cut our family member's hair (my dad, nephew, BIL)....then on Friday I had Celeste, Antonio and Cataleya.....Cateleya and Celeste went home Friday night, but Celeste came right back to play all day Saturday.  I had Antonio from Friday to Sunday and I pick him up again today....Paige has been working a bunch of, the only other knitting I really got done was a little bit on my socks, a few rows on my thousand tulips....and.....I started another Yowza Shawl!  What can I say.....I love this pattern!  I started it with some new I will just post pics of my stash enhancements as well.

Okay, so as I stated earlier....I had lots of grand kids this past weekend....well, I took them to Walmart and I got myself a new pair of PJ's......I also got them a ton of toys, but the PJ's are so cute!

Well, I think that might be all I have....I will now kill you with pics and a video of the grand kids.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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  1. Love our grands. A reason to keep on keeping on. Enjoy spring break.