Monday, March 2, 2015

It's March......already!

Wow does time fly!  It is already March 2nd.  Which is my first day back at work since January 27th....Yuck!  I have had a busy week.......Instead of jumping to the knitting, I am going to jump to stash of these I got last week, but I did not want to show it along with all the retreat talk.....This is a needle holder that Darlene got me as another part of my birthday gift (I keep telling you guys she is too good to me!) is by Grace's Cases.....and I LOVE the sheep matches the same material I have for my sock needle interchangeable set.

I love this holds A LOT of my needles!  4 sets!!!

I also got some yarn....I got some Knit Picks DK because I want to make a Newsboy Hat.  I got some more Miss Babs Yowza in the BFF colorway (this may be another Weigh it shawl because I love them so much), I got some Miss Babs K2 Chunky in the Deep Sea Jellyfish colorway to make the Lattice Cowl, I had a friend contact me for a baby hat as a I got some Baby Bee Hushabye solids in brown and beige, my turtle purl yarn came in for a pair of socks for me, and then I got a wonderful surprise when I got back to work....a lady on ravelry (her name is Debbie) saw my pom pom blankets that I made and she had a skein of pom pom yarn in greys and purples....and she sent it to me!  She said she was never going to make anything with it so she sent it to me (she even included a pattern).....Thank you soooooo much Debbie!  I love it!


My birthday was this past weekend....and my daughter is soooooo awesome, she cleaned my entire yarn room:


I love it sooooo much!  Oh, and as she was cleaning it.....Paige said she found a little baby in a basket.....ha, ha!

This past weekend I also took a trip to Paris......Paris, TX that is!  It is a long story, but Jaime was going with a friend, friend's wife, and friend's wife's I tagged along for a knitting ride!  The friend rented a big bus A class RV....and we traveled in comfort!  It was snowing in Paris, so I got a few snow selfies:

I also finished my 2nd Weigh it Shawl...and I took a picture of it in the snow

I played yarn chicken with this shawl......and I lost.  I used a solid black in a fingering weight to finish bind off.  I may see if anyone on ravelry has some of this yarn, but I doubt I will buy another skein just for the end....if I take a close is pretty obvious...but this shawl is for me and it does not bother me that much to have the solid black in the bind off.

I worked on my rainbow socks....and I love these!

I also worked on that mystery KAL....I got 3 rows done...I know that does not seem like a lot, but there are 1083 stitches for 1 row and 903 for the other two rows....I still have 8 more rows to finish clue 2 (and clue 3 came out today), but every other row does some decreases to get it down to 363 stitches :)

I finished Antonio's 2nd Ninja Turtles Hat.

And, I started that baby hat for a friend (where I got the brown and beige yarn above).  The pattern is like this....

But I am going to TRY to add these goggles:

Here is the start:

Well, I think that is all I have.....I am going to leave you with some pictures from my trip to Paris, TX....they have an Eiffel Tower with a Cowboy Hat!!

Here I am with Jaime for an Eiffel Tower Selfie

These are the dogs that traveled with us..Sophie in the red to the left and Missy in her bed to the right.

Now just some nice snow pictures:

(I do not know why this last one is so 'bluish').

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. You just got back to work from January 27th, that is a long vacation. I am jelly.

    1. It was not Vacation....It was FMLA....I had a small surgery but all is well now!