Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Ground Hog Day....a week late.......

I am sorry that I completely forgot that last Monday was Ground Hog Day....time to see if we were going to get more knitting winter time or more knitting spring time......either way, I am knitting and so is punxsutawney phil!!!

I finished those pink, grey, black and white socks........

I love them!  I am also trucking along with my burberry socks

and......I finished my "A Day to Remember" is blocking!

On Thursday, I decided at the last minute to make a Ninja Turtle Hat for Antonio.  I was not impressed with the way the pattern was written, but I expressed my concerns to the designer and she refunded my money paid, and I was very thankful......I know it would be better for me to have a picture of Antonio modeling this hat...but I will get one eventually....for now, you are going to have to make due with a picture of me wearing it.

Last week I told you that I started Chateau for me....well, I restarted with a smaller needle size and I am looking forward to getting it done.....all the Biggo that I ordered came in:

I also got some Dragonfly Fibers  Djinni Sock a gorgeous Spooky Colorway:

I also got yarn for Loopy Academy Semester 2.....we need to make something with stripes (not self striping yarn), something felted, and something with slipped stitches in the pattern.....all items need to be at least 175 yards.  For the stripes, I am going to use Malabrigo Sock yarn in Black and Tiziano Red to make Foolproof (yarns to the far right in picture).....for the felted, I am going to make a Felted Circular Hot Pad with Cascade 220 in the Glamour colorway (the middle red skein).  Lastly, for the slipped stitch, I am going to make Pin Striped Socks (and my friend Tami is going to knit along with me) with the Tumbleweed Aurora self striping yarn in the Campfire colorway (the skein to the farthest right):

I also got started on a new KAL that a friend talked me into...the great thing about this KAL is that you only get one clue a far I have had 2 clues....January clue and February, I am not done with the February clue, but I am loving the way this yarn is knitting is the skein I won from Camp Loopy last year....Mrs Crosby Hat Box in the Summer Bloom Colorway

I got some new project bags that I am in love with from AwesomeGrannie....I got the Frogs in a large bag and the Birds in a medium bag.....I love the matching insides so much....they are so happy!

Oh, and my  first package of yarn from the Strickmich!Club 2015 came is Wollmeise Blend (an MCN blend) in the Tulpe colorway...the pattern is awesome too and I cannot wait to cast on.  I do want to join in on the KAL that Martina is doing with the club, so I will at least wait till the 14th of this month to cast on....the funny thing is that this past Monday, I was thinking how badly I wanted to try the new Wollmeise Blend yarn and I ordered a a dark I guess I will just have more now when it finally comes in :)

Well,  think that is all I have for the knitting....I wanted to show you a picture of a non yarn related stash daughter went to Buck-ees and got me this coffee travel mug....I LOVE IT!!!!

Well, that is it for now.....during the week it did not feel like I was getting enough knitting in...but now that I have typed it all out and uploaded the photos...I feel pretty accomplished!

Here is some motivation for you!

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