Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So many Happy "Fill in the Blank" events!

Happy Valentine's Day (a little late)!  Happy President's Day (again, a little late)!  Happy Chinese New Year!  Happy Retreat Weekend!

Yes....there are so many Happy Events that have just passed or are still coming!  Did you have a great Valentine's Day?  I did!  Jamie took me out for Sushi (My FAVORITE!) and brought me chocolates and beautiful orange roses!

How was your President's Day?  Mine was great!  I spent most of my day knitting!

Happy Chinese New Year!!  This happens on Thursday....do you know what it is the year of?  It is the Year of the SHEEP!  Yippee!!

Now, what is this about Happy Retreat Weekend?  Remember last year when I went on a knitting retreat about this time of the year?  Well, it is the 2nd annual San Antonio Fiber Retreat this coming weekend.....I am so excited....I cannot even decide which projects I want to take.

So, on to the knitting!  I have done a lot of it lately.  I decided to knit on a hat that I had promised Paige a long time ago...and I finished it!

I also worked on some socks....one heel done and one almost ready to go....I tried to find the perfect red/burgundy to do a contrast heel...but I could not find one that I just loved....so I went with black.

I finished blocking my 'A Day To Remember' shawl:

I started new socks for Loopy Academy....my friend said she would make socks with me if I made them mis-match....so I am pulling from inside and outside of cake to make the stripes go opposite!  I love them so far!

I also pulled out my Hitofude.  I saw a friend post her finished one on FB and I was jealous...so I pulled mine out.....

I also cast on for my boxy....I think I did that a week ago, but I am not sure I shared a picture....I think this project needs a different bag than the coffee bag....one of my Halloween ones has some lavender, so I think I need to switch project bags on this one.

I also worked a little on my 2nd Weigh it Shawl (I am loving these colors!)

I have a few stash enhancements.....remember my cute new little case for my Heavy Metal DyakCraft needles with the Sheep and Balloons?  Well, I got another Graces case with sheep on it for my 3.5" needles.  I love this case......Look at the old case on the right (it is kinda bulky even without needles in it) and look at the new case that holds all 8 sets of needles of the left!  How cute!

I also got some FABULOUS yarn from Darlene...she is sooooo good to me!  She heard some podcasters talking about this yarn and had to get some....so she got me some too....I cannot wait to cast on these socks!

Well, that is really all the knitting I have this week...but I am getting ready to go the the Knitting Retreat coming up this weekend....I am super excited about it!  I have a friend flying in from VA for this retreat...she used to live here in SA and her hubby got stationed in VA a couple of years ago...but thankfully she flies back here for this retreat every year!  She is supposed to fly in tomorrow and she is staying with me!  Yahoo!  So along with knitting, I have also been trying to get her bedroom ready.  Turned out to be perfect timing because Arran (Jaime's  youngest son) got a new Queen Size bed, so I took his old Full Size mattress and have it ready and waiting for her....new sheets should arrive tomorrow too (then I will hurry up and wash them before she lands I hope).

My valentine this year was Antonio....I picked him up from Daycare Friday and he spent the night Friday and hung out with me all day Saturday....I really hope you do not get tired of pictures of this boy...he just melts my heart!  All my grandkids do....I just see him more than the others......

Valentines Morning!

Paige texted me this one:

Oh, and I almost forgot that Paige went to Erich's last weekend and snapped a picture:

That is all I have!  I cannot wait to tell you all about my knitting retreat coming up.....here is a picture of a shirt that should be coming next week and a couple other inspirational sayings

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Third time is a charm. So you have to have a matching project bag for all your knitting projects? What happens when you finish a project and get more yarn - gotta get a new matching project bag?

    I cannot store enough matching project bags for my stash. Wonder why?

  2. Ruby, I do not have bags for my whole stash...but I do like them for all my current projects....sometimes I get them for new yarn.....I know your stash is huge...but maybe you just need a few bags to help you get your knitting mojo back so you actually have some knitting projects going on right now.......ducking and running....I love you!