Monday, February 2, 2015


Yes, I know that not a lot of knitters are also football fans...but you guys know me...I am a football fan and MY TEAM WON!  It is not that I am so much a Patriots fan, but I am an anti-sea hawks fan (sorry sea hawks fan)!

I knitted on my socks during the Super Bowl....I just need the ribbing on the cuffs on both of these and I am done.  I hope to finish today so I can post it as my last FO for Down Cellar Studios Podcast Pigskin Party.

Last week I told you that I had a small surgery scheduled.....everything went fine and I have had some extra knitting time....not as much as I would have liked to have...but I am knitting more and more each day it seems.  I was pretty far behind on my 'A Day to Remember' I redid the numbers and was till behind and I am almost caught up...I think I have 8 more rows to be completely caught up....I am at about 56.9% and need to be at 64.18% by the end of the day....we will see how that goes.

I worked just a little b it (maybe 30 min and 3 rows worth) on my 2nd weigh it shawl

I also cast on something new....but in order to defend myself (yes, sometimes I feel I need to defend myself), I want to tell you about a new knitter to our lunch group of knitters....I knit with 4 other ladies at lunch and sometimes we are asked if they can come and knit with us (most need to be taught how to knit).....yes, we vote them in (everyone has to agree) our newest member to be voted in is Marla....she is super sweet and has really picked up the knit stitch very well.  I started a hat for her since we were not ready to teach her to purl yet, so I cast on and did the ribbing (but no, this is not the item I am defending having cast on):

She has already knit 4-5 inches on this hat and is doing awesome....she saw that Darlene and I were knitting socks in self striping yarn, so she really wanted to try that....I did not want to throw her into Judy's magic cast on or kfb I cast these on for her too (no, this is also not the item I am defending having cast on):

Marla and Darlene came to my house during lunch on Thursday of last week...they wanted to see how I was doing after surgery and Marla wanted to see my messy stash....well, she also went shopping in my stash....over $200 of shopping in my stash....I was fine with it...some of the yarns I will replace with the exact yarn and others I will not....Guess what happens after that?  Knit Picks has their Biggo yarn on sale......well, since I was on a yarn diet, I kind of thought up in my head that if I sold $200 worth of yarn, I could buy a little yarn since it was on I got 11 skeins of biggo in black (and broke my yarn diet after 29 days)....I have always wanted to make the Chateau Shrug with this yarn but did not want to pay $8.49 a skein for it....the shrug will take 8 skeins, and then I have 3 more to make another gaptastic cowl for me, and I already had 3 in my stash for a gaptastic cowl for Paige or, I do not have the yarn I just ordered yet, but since I had 3 skeins in my stash....I cast on the Chateau....yes, this is the item I am defending for casting on....

Then, do you remember back in July when Darlene got me that Beaver Slide Mule Spun Yarn and we were going to make the INK cardigan?  Well, I did cast it on and I did like 3 or 4 rows.  Darlene had gotten much farther than me...but she was not feeling the yarn for the INK Cardigan, so she told me she was going to rip it and do the Hitofude Cardigan.  Well, I have one OTN in Black, but I love that cardigan so much, I want to do a second one and I will use the same yarn that Darlene is I ripped out INK, did a tiny gauge swatch, and just barely did the cast on the other day and this yarn is awesome!

I also gave myself a new this is all Darlene's fault...she had to show me a picture of a sock drawer on Instagram of all hand knit socks and now I want to have a drawer like this for I think you will see a lot more sock knitting from me.

I have a few stash enhancements to show you....I got a new case for my new sock needles.  This case is from Graces Cases and it holds the 5" size 0-3 interchangeable is pretty cute.  I have some material like this with a sheep on a balloon.....super adorable!

I also got some magnetic board, a magnifying ruler, and a long piece of magnet I want to cut up for my Knitters Pride Pattern holders....

Well,  I think that is about all I have....I did make 3 dishes of Lasagna for Super Bowl and I have lots of left overs too.

I leave you with a few of pictures that have a theme that remind me of my few days past and I hope it is also what my future has in store for me....PJ's, my fur babies, and my darling grandson too!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!

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