Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy October!

Can you believe it is October already?  I cannot!  Here in SA we have had a touch of cooler weather here and there...but I think today it is still going to hit 90 degrees, so it does not feel like October.

I have to say that I did not do a lot of knitting this past week.  Monday I was just tired and brain dead and I knit one row on Paige's sweater......I was also able to knit a little on one of her sleeves (almost ready for the ribbing at the end)......Tuesday Paige and Antonio came over = zero knitting, Wednesday Celeste came over = zero knitting, Thursday Paige and Antonio came over again, so Paige could cut my hair = zero knitting, Friday I picked up Antonio from daycare to watch him because Paige worked late Friday night = zero knitting.  I watched Antonio again from Saturday around noon till Sunday around 4 I was able to knit a little Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon.  Now, I was able to knit during my lunch hours each day....just not in the evenings...So, this blog will not just be about The Life of a Knitphomaniac...but The Life of a Grandma/ you will get lots of grand children pics this week.....

Here is Paige's sweater (can you see that one row I knitted Monday?)

I did one of the textured section's of the Tan House Brook Shawl.....

I pulled that Spire out and did about 7!

I also knitted about 25 rows on my Scarf Swap Scarf...but I cannot show the picture yet....I must say it does not really matter because I looked at it this morning and I have to rip back just about all I did this past weekend because I have an error in it...I think it is too much to drop stitches down and try to hoo!

Oh, and I did about 1/2 of clue 4 of the Susanna IC Mystery Shawl.

Oh....and Bobbie of Bobbie Sox Yarns gave me this cool little beading tray....I love it!  The beads go right back in their container (but you have to have lid off of said container....ask me how I know....)  thank you Bobbie!

Now for a little Grandchildren overload....first, my son Mario asked me if I would make his soon to be born son a pom pom blanket......he said that Alexxis loves her I gotta get some pom poms on the needles.

Then, Celeste and I played Play doh, horsey, and of course some chalk.

And Antonio.....he would not know what to do with himself if he was not such a ham.....I have the cute Antonio, the dapper and debonaire Antonio, Ninja Turtle Antonio, the driving home from daycare Antonio, the obsessed with a trigger bottle Antonio, the silly band aid Antonio, the horsey riding Antonio, and the I got a spiderman toy Antonio.......

So.....was that enough Grand Children overload for you?

Lastly I have a few enhancements.

Camp Loopy bonus yarn came....I got the summer blooms colorway.

Then, I have 2 new bags.....but Awesome Grannie did a shop update yesterday so I will have to so see which ones of those I want to snag too!

Of course I love my longhorns....even if they are not doing the I asked for this bag custom from AwesoemeGrannie and I have to say that she and Mr. AwesomeGrannie think it is ....well.....not the prettiest material on the planet....but I LOVE IT!  Even if you are not a longhorn fan....who can resist these perfect colors?

I have a few more stash enhancements coming next stay tuned!

Enjoy your week everyone...I for one hope I get more knitting time in (but I did love seeing Celeste and Antonio)!!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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