Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Triple Play........FO's FO's FO's

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great week!  I had a triple play week.  I am not sure this has ever happened before or will ever happen again, so I gotta live it up!  I finished 3, YES THREE, items....okay, they are not HUGE items, but they are finished just the same.

Item 1 is the Fox Cowl I made for a friend's daughter.....I was babysitting Celeste yesterday, so I got her to model it for me.  There are supposed to be two buttons in the front, but I do not have any buttons....so I will have to look for some (Hey, I am still calling it finished!)

Then, I have a finished COWL where I have not even had a chance to tell you about the yarn being a stash enhancement.....my mother asked me to make a cowl (she called it an eternity scarf) for a friend of hers....I recommended the Gaptastic Cowl (because it has been on my list forever!) and she liked it.  She picked out some yarn, I ordered it...it came in on Wednesday and I finished on Sunday!  It was a great knit....I see more of these in my future...I am actually thinking of casting on one for me in black!  I played a little bit of Yarn Chicken...but I won!

Then....I finished my Scarf Swap Scarf.  I ordered a few extras for my scarf swap recipient and it came in last week....so I am all ready to mail off my scarf swap....I just need to wait till Nov 1 to mail it.....Come on November!  I do not want to ruin the surprise for my scarf swap recipient....so I had to fudge the picture a little....but I promise it is done and it is blocking!

I have a couple of stash enhancements......I participated in a "SWAP" and got some of the new Hiya Hiya Point Protectors......aren't they cute?

I got a cool wine glass when I ordered that knit picks yarn above for my mom's friend's cowl.....this wine glass went on sale right after I bought it...but Knit Picks gave me on account credit and I ordered some more.....I love this wine glass!  Notice how full I had to fill it in order to be able to read what it says?

I started a new hat this past weekend too (Hey, I did finish 3 things!).....the Down Cellar Studio Podcast had a Rhinebeck Weekend Show the Love KAL start....so this will count towards that KAL and also for my Loopy Academy.....the pattern is called "Le bonnet d'Elsa" and I think it will be super cute!

I think that is all I have.....I leave you with a picture of Antonio (Happy Birthday on Thursday) that Paige sent me.....a beautiful picture of Celeste smiling...and a picture of me with my son.....I wore my hypercrazy to go see him this past weekend and he loved it.....Oh, I should give some credit on my FO's to Jaime my boyfriend.....as he drove the whole way to see Erich and back....which is probably why I finished 3 things....thanks Babe!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Again, happy to see the family together! Send Erich my love!

  2. Hope this doesn't show up twice....love the fox hat. What pattern is it? The Gaptastic is awesome!!