Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Football and Grandparent's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that not many knitters out there are also football fans...but I am a football fan and I am SOOOOO happy that Football season is back.  I watched lots of games this past weekend and got lots of knitting time in.  My boys did not do so well, but that is okay....I got to knit while I watched them loose.....It was also GRANDPARENT'S DAY....did you have a good Grandparent's day?  I did!!!!!

I got to knit on lots of things this weekend......first up is Paige's Sweater

It may not look a lot different from last week, but I did add a few inches to it.

I had SNB at my house this past Saturday and it was a blast....Darlene even came over and we meet up with Jennifer who was a blast to knit with...and Darlene finally got to meet Bobbie of Bobbie Sox Yarns.  Carol and Evelyn were there too and we just had a blast.  I think it was one of the best SNB's ever......Well, Evelyn was working on her Lazy Girl....she tried to start hers in March of last year but she had this mental block....and then she taught herself continental knitting and in like one week, she was more than 1/2 way done with the was amazing...and enough to get me and Darlene inspired to pull ours out and do some knitting on ours too.  I started this in March of had about 10 repeats on it and now it has about 20 repeats.....I do love this pattern!

Darlene was a dear and blocked my clapotis for me because she has this awesome quilting wall that I told her would be awesome to block on...and so she and her granddaughter, Peyton, blocked it for is super long!  Thank you Darlene and Peyton!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it...but I signed up to do one of Susanna IC's Mystery KAL's.  I met Susanna a few years ago at a local knitting group, and then got to know her better at a Fiber Retreat earlier this year.  I am going to do this pattern with some of my Black Pearl Yarn.  Not the exclusive kit I won a couple of years ago, but some lace weight I got a few Yarn Crawl's ago.  I did a swatch on size 7's but I thought the knitting looked loose and sloppy.....

This pattern also calls for beads, and I prefer size 6 beads over size 8, so I did another swatch on size 4 needles and I added beads and I think this looks much better.  So I am all set and the first clue comes out this coming Saturday.

Remember I told you last week I was going to do some socks for my niece?  Well, I got them started and I love them!!!!!!!

Oh....and while I was watching the Longhorns game, I had some friends come by....they have a little girl (I think she is about 9 years old...but I am not sure exactly)....and their daughter, Kimmy, saw me I pulled out a hat that I had the ribbing started on (to teach someone else) and I taught her the knit stitch....she caught on super fast...and I told her to take it home and bring it back when she has about 5-6 inches done.....Next I am going to try to teach Darlene's granddaughter, Peyton (pictured above) to knit...she is 6 so a little younger, but I am sure she will do great!  Here is Kimmy knitting:

Lastly, it would not be like me to not mention my grandson, Antonio.  He starts a new daycare today and I cannot wait to see how is day went.  I baby sat him a little last week and he wanted me to make him a bed on the floor so he could sit with my dog, I did (using my Bed Lounger):

But then he decides that the bed is really much more comfortable than the floor (smart kid)!

Well, that is all I have....I feel like I did get quite a bit of knitting done.  Jaime was gone on his semi annual motorcycle ride with 'the guys' (where he forgot to pack the socks I made him).....and I had a very lazy weekend of knitting and was awesome.  I wish I could do it every day....but, reality is that I am:

So remember:

Happy Happy Happy knitting everyone!!!!

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