Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Hi everyone, I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor day doing exactly what you wanted to.  I caught up on some emails and ravelry post and also knitted.

I started a new WIPS KAL in my SNB group and My Sister's Knitter also has a WIPS KAL going on that I have joined in on.  In that KAL, I learned a new word.....CASTONPALOOZA......  I cast on 3 new things....2 dishcloths and a scarf for my Scarf Swap.

I finished the Red Dishcloth....these dishcloths will be for my Secret Santa that I get later in the year (hey, I am planning ahead)!  The dishcloths are also part of a KAL to win a medium sized bag from BagsbyAwesomeGrannie.....so you should do it with me!  Just two dishcloths! and you might win the most awesome medium size bag you will own!

The scarf was just barely cast on so it would count for both WIPS KAL's and I figured I could finish the dishcloths faster than the full scarf....Here is the red finished and the green is about 1/2 way done.....

A little note about these dishcloths.  I have said it before, but this is a perfect example....the red dishcloth is made with Hobby Lobby I Love this Cotton Yarn and the green is Knit Picks Dishie.  The knit picks is a harder more kitchen cotton feel, and it shows the pattern really well.  The Hobby Lobby is super duper soft, but in being so soft, it also drapes more and does not show the pattern really well at all....so the yarn does matter....sometimes 'harder' yarn is better than 'softer' yarn depending in its purpose!

I also just barely worked on my Hitofude....I got one full repeat done...do you see the "V" (8 rows)....but it is looking good.

This past weekend was Paige's (my daughter) 19th Birthday....we went to have breakfast (it was more like lunch) at IHOP, and then I took Antonio with me to go to a pool party for my friend's son who turned 3....it was a pool party and Antonio did not want to get out of the water at all...he was having so much fun!

After the pool party, took him to meet his mom, Paige.  For her Birthday, her boyfriend (Chris) and best friend (Bizzle) took her to Peter Piper Pizza....yes, the location was picked a little bit for Antonio too, but let's face it:  As you get older, you just want to do things with your kids anyway.....so off to Peter Piper he went....I am sure he slept super soundly on Sunday night!

When Paige and I went out to eat, I also got her to try on her sweater....it looks great on her.  I had 8" cords on the sleeves, so the sleeves felt tight...but I will see her again tonight and I will put a larger cord on it so she can try it on again....boring stockinette with some decreases here and there, but I am loving the 'non thinking' part of it!

In the HiyaHiya KAL's the yarn voted on for this next KAL is Biscotte and Cie....so I am going to make my niece the Butterfly Flower socks in the Black, Red and White yarn I bought for her....I have divided into two skeins and have the starting points exactly the same:

Also in the Hiya Hiya forum is a RAK discussion....from this discussion I have been gifted a pattern called Lipstick (a cardigan I cannot wait to make) from Tjkibbey (Thank you Trish!)! and a spinning book and awesome stitch marker from susanri (Thank you Susan!)!  I want to start to try to lean to spin!

I had a couple of stash enhancements....bag sets from AwesomeGrannie.  She was just about to hit her 100th sale and I swooped in and bought 2 bags so I could be her 100th sale!

I should have some more enhancements next week.....I got notice today that my Strickmich!Club package number 3 has shipped and I am pretty sure that the Miss Babs Knitting Tour Desitnation 3 will be shipping this week as well.....I am pretty excited!

Well, that is really all I have....I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!!

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