Monday, November 18, 2013

I am 0 for 2!

I had a great weekend...and I felt like I got a lot of knitting done (even though I should have been packing). However, by the end of Saturday and the end of Sunday, I felt partially defeated.

Saturday, I was knitting on my daughters cardigan/sweater when all of a sudden I see the end of my circular cord and look and my cord has broken from the warning, no "SNAP", nothing....just my stitches slowly starting to drop more and more......and this was my Signature needle.  I am not sure if you remember, but back on March 25th of this year, I blogged that this happened to a Signature needle and I lost all my work and had to start over.  Now, if these were cheaper needles, maybe I could accept and/or expect it...but these needles are not cheap!  I have spent a pretty penny on all the Signature needles I have and now I am kind of scared to use another circular one.  I lost about 4 rows, tinked a couple more to make sure my lace pattern was on track, and then had to re knit.....I was frustrated.  I contacted the company with a pretty lengthy email and since this has happened to me before, I knew they would ask for a picture, the needle size, and cord length along with the address to mail a replacement to.  I put all of that in an email.  I got a generic email back saying that breaking cords is not the normal and to please send them a picture of the broken needle, the needle size, length of the cord and the address I want the replacement mailed to....I feel like they did not even take the time to read my email and just gave some crappy standard response....even more frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I put my work on my Chiaogoo's (which have NEVER broken) and moved on .....

What did I move on to you ask?  I moved onto socks.....I wanted to do LOLLIPOLOOZA!  This is the first year I have been able to get any Lollipop yarn.  I have 3 skeins.....Doo Wah Diddy, Witchy Woman, and H"owl"'-o-ween.....I decided to use Doo Wah Diddy (DWD).  The pattern for Lollipolooza was posted and I got to work....

12 rows of ribbing....Check

Start pattern.....Check

See pattern starting to show.......No Check!  I was looking at my sock and thinking, "There is no way a diamond is going to appear out of this!".  The pattern is called Fruit Stripe Gum.....I LOVE the is SUPER AWESOME, and the designer is super awesome for sharing it for free.  But it was not working for me.

I posted in the KAL forum, and she got back to me....the size I had cast on for was not test knitted and I needed two more stitches for the pattern to show.....I also realized I had cast on for the wrong what did I do?  Yup, I had to frog the whole thing.

Then I recast on at lunch today and used a 3.25 mm needle instead of 2.5...I'm telling you, I cannot win!

Paige also asked me to make her some leg warmers......I'm pretty excited about it, but need to try a few things before I try to design a pattern (of course I also have to finish her cardigan first!).

Well, now that I did not wait weeks to post again, I do not have a mile long blog....that is really all that is going on with knitting.....I have lots of packing I still need to do to get ready for "The Move"!

I leave you with two super cute buttons I got at Kid N Ewe:

Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Love the buttons Carrie. Sorry about the Sig needles. I cannot use the 4 inch needles because with my fingers cramping up, I tend to choke it down on the cord end of the needle in the right hand.

    They replaced it with a longer needle and when my 7s broke, they sent me another size since the 7s were not available at the time.

    Keep on knitting and get packing.

  2. Pack, knit, pack, knit..... Those socks are going to be fabulous!