Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Happy Monday!  What a week!  How has everyone been?

I have been busy.  I think I mentioned how crazy I am with lots of projects going on....I finished 3 projects in the last week, and I think I have cast on about the same number (with more wanting to be cast on).

I finished my fingerless mitts for my Inskein Yarns KAL:

I mentioned camp are my sock so far:

Then there it Tour de Sock...this is my first year doing this and I must be crazy.  So far it seems to be more than I can handle, but I am doing what I can.  The pattern called for size 8/0 beads....I have only worked with beads once before, and I did not finish that project.  These beads are smaller and the yarn is thicker...this is regular sock yarn (It is Barking Dogs Yarns in colorway Veronica) and the beads are tiny (1.0 mm opening) and my needle is a .8 mm.  Well, the beads are breaking on me, the hook is fraying my yarn, I dropped stitches trying to get the darn beads on the stitch, I put the beads on the wrong side and had to tink and redo, just one thing after another....but after all that whining....I am still enjoying it:

PS....I had to get the beads from a friend named Birdy....Thank you Birdy...I have some beads on order now.

I found the supply list, and there is an upcoming sock that calls for 500 for that one, I think I will use Wollmeise yarn in the lace weight.  I think Wollmeise Lace yarn is like a heavy lace or a light fingering, so I hope the beads will go on better with that yarn.  I will use Bussi color from one of the colour bag sets I have.

I did join a (lightly competitive) team....we are team Roasted (we all like coffee).

Remember my Viajante (you thought I was finished talking about it)?  Well, the awesome lady that designed Viajante, also designed a new pattern called went up for sale today.  I am soooooo excited.  I have a skein of Miss Babs Yowza yarn in colorway "Biker Chick".  I have not cast on, but I cannot wait to:

Then....there is a new KAL for my SNB group.  We all decided to do the Deep Purple Crescent Shawl.  We had a little cast on party:

Well, that was pretty much my crazy weekend.....this coming weekend is WWKIP day.....We will be getting together at a local mall and knitting in public!

Here is my cute grandson, Antonio, with a fresh haircut.....Paige buzzed off all the curls...he looks like a 'little boy' now.....but I know the curls will grow back!

Lastly.....remember that cute basket I got last week?  Well, I found it's parent:

You guys have a great week....Happy Happy Knitting and Happy Happy Monday!

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