Friday, November 30, 2012

OK, I have had lots going on.  How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  Mine was great!  I wore my new socks to my aunt's house and everyone loved them.  Then, my daughter put my grandson (Antonio) into his new Fire Truck Sweater for Thanksgiving and everyone got to see it.

The day before thanksgiving I got a terrible virus on my work was a big pop up that said it was from the FBI and that your computer is locked till you pay $300.00 with a moneypak (I guess that is like Western Union).  Anyway, my security guys said it was a pretty bad virus and the eventually did a system restore, but it took almost all, if you see that kind of pop not pay the money, do a system restore.

After Thanksgiving, I went to the lease with Jaime and the boys.  I finished Jaime's Fornicating Deer Hat.....He really likes it and so did his friends that were out there.

He said he would wear it into town at the deer lease and if anyone asked him where he got it he would say "I had it custom made, and if you give me the measurements of your head, I can have one custom made for you too for $80.00."  HA!  I thought that was funny!

Oh.....remember that Orange sweater I finished a long time ago?  Well, I finally wore it for the first time.  It was my first ever made for myself swear and my first ever time wearing it.....lots of Firsts!  I am very proud of this sweater!

And what have I been waiting for almost all month?  Yup......the Lazy Girl KAL!!  Well, Evelyn, Darlene and I started today at lunch.  It was lots of fun.  Darlene was so excited to get started, and was so busy knitting, she would not even look up for the picture.  I am planning on working on this and finishing my November socks this weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!!  Have a great weekend!

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