Friday, December 14, 2012

Lots going always.  I finished two more projects.  I have a had a cray few weeks.  Lots of Christmas shopping has been the wrapping will begin this weekend!

Last post I mentioned that the Lazy Girl KAL was started.  I have been doing just fine with mine and trucking on along very slowly.

I had a sweet, sweet friend get me the cutest stitch markers....they say tink, tink, drink and have a little lady sweet of her!  I love them!  Thank you Evelyn!!!
I also took a trip to Marble Falls this past Monday.  I had promised to make a lap robe for the veterans and this past Monday was the deadline (nothing like a little procrastination!).  I had a fantastic lunch with one of my knitting sisters from my online knitting group.  She is also a member of the HOT gals (Hooked on Threads) that started the drive for lap robes.  I asked the waiter to take a photo of us so I could share with all the LSSK gals....well, this waiter was quite the character, he even took a pic of himself.....little did he know, it would be on my blog for all to see!  Thank you Beverly!

My grandson had his first big is the first of many bumps and bruises!

 Yesterday I had to take my daughter to the Emergency Room.  Her jaw locked.  It has locked once before, but only for about 30 min.  So, when I woke up yesterday and I called her to wake her up before I left to work, she told me her jaw was locked.  I really do not know what to do, so I told her we would go to the ER.  She did not want to so she just asked me to warm up a bean bag thingy we have so she can apply heat to it.  I took it to her and left to work.  Then, about 30 min later I get a call from her that it will not close, and she wants to go tot ER.  I left work to take her to ER.  Apparently there is nothing you can do for a locked jaw except go to ER to have it popped back into place.  They knocked her out and replaced the jaw and she is much better now.  She is home resting and has a lot of soreness and pain, but she will be fine.  She sees a specialist next Tuesday.

Remember that luscious Pearl Yarn I won from Ravellenics?  Well, do you also remember when I said I pre-paid for the second edition of this yarn during yarn crawl?  Well, it came in!

Last but not least, I leave you with pics of my latest two FO's and a WIP.  A dishcloth for my secret santa recipient and November's socks.

Now I am working on December's socks! 

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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