Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Did you go vote today?  Do you have early voting and did you at least vote early?  I hope you did!

OK, so I finally finished one pair of socks that I started almost 2 years ago....but, that is one project off the needles, so it counts!

I was working on my October socks, and turned the heel on one of them and then tried it on.  It was too small.  I am sooooooo bummed....had to go back to cast on edge and cast on an additional 12 stitches.  Here is how it looked....

You could see the tiny holes where the bobbles were stretched too tight.

I frogged the one sock that has not yet turned the heel because I want to get this one to the heel before I frog the other one (I do not knwo why, I just think it will make me feel a little better...ha, ha).

And now here it is past the heel flap, but just starting to shape the instep:

Now, I still have to frog back to the cast on edge for one more sock.....wish me luck!

I do really like how these are turning out.

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Election Day!

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