Thursday, September 27, 2012

WOW, I have lots going on.  I bought a NEW CAR!  I have never bought a car that has only been driven by me.  I drove this car off the lot with 5.2 miles!  I love it!  It talks to me, and can tell me my horoscope, traffic, directions, and all sorts of things....but I really got it for the fuel economy....33 MPG baby!  As I was signing the millions of financing papers, I was knitting on my Nuvem (mindless knitting).  I asked the guy, "Have you ever had anyone knit while they signed their paperwork?" and he said, "No, but I find it very relaxing!!!!"....LOL!

Then.....I got my package from GERMANY!  Yup....all this yummy Rohrspatz & Wollmeise .......look at those great colors:

I have 1 1/2 of the socks done for the September Sock:

I am planning on finishing these socks this weekend so I can start my October sock.  I have lots going on for October....there is a KAL with Michelle Hunter (Intertwisted), then there is a KAL with Craftsy (HERE), plus my October socks.  I am going to use the Biscotte & Cie Yarn in Poisson.  Here is a link to my stash yarn, and here is a link to my pattern page.  I am behind on my September shawl KAL.  The lace yarn is much harder to work with than I thought it would be...and add beads, it is very time consuming.

I will close with a picture of my grand daughter (Celeste) holding my (very patient) dog that desperately needed grooming.....and a picture of my dog after she was groomed (it is like night and day)!  She looks like a different dog!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!!

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