Monday, July 9, 2012

Well, I have been busy.....knitting!  I am on row 137 on the Milk Run Shawl.  I am hoping to get through 143 and then decide what kind of ruffle I want to use.  I am not sure if I am going to knit the ruffle that the pattern calls for.

On the baby blanket test this has kicked my butt.  I think the pattern is hard because there are some lace sections that have 12 rows as part of the pattern repeat and then other lace sections have 16 rows.  So when I am on row 15 of one pattern, I may be on row 3 or 7 of the other.  Also, it is only my second test knit so I think I am nervous about it and the deadline (mid July).  I was on row 13 of a lace section, and row 14 - 16 were stockinette, then I knitted 16 rows of garter and started the next section of lace, when I had one stitch too many.  I looked back, yup....I did an extra yarn over in row 13.  I did not catch it until 20 rows later because there was no more lace....Yup, I had to rip back.  Here is a picture of my hand showing how much I had to rip back, and then a picture of the re-knit (correctly) blanket.

Then, there is a KAL with Michelle is a pillow and I am so excited to do this one.  It is sponsored by skacel knitting and I hope I win a prize!!  There will be another KAL in October.

I have finished clue waiting till Thursday for clue two!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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