Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OK, so I am 40, but man does my grandson make me feel old(er)!  I watched him all weeked while my daughter went to Rockport.  Yesterday my whole body was hurting!  Really?  He is just a 20 lb, 8 month old that does not even crawl or walk (he kind of does 360's while laying on his tummy)!  But picking him up, and then putting him down, and then picking him up, and then....well, you get the idea, my back hurts, my legs hurt, let's face it, everthing hurts!

On the knitting front.  I am getting ready for The Ravellenics Games 2012....yes, the name was changed, but we are still doing the events!  I am a captain for Team Texas Yarnivore and proud of it!  I have been making projects in ravelry and getting things lined up.

This past Sunday I took a knitting class.....what?  a knitting class when I already know how to knit?  Well, this was a 'Learn How to Fix Your Mistakes' kind of class.  It was held at my LYS and taught by a wonderful teacher named Wendy.  I really learned a lot and now I feel more comfortable fixing my mistakes!!  I got some really cute buttons when I was there:

Here are some pics of the Milk Run Shawl and the Baby Lace Blanket Test Knit.  I am behind a few on the test knit blanket, but I am also ahead of a few, so I must be right on target to finish in Mid July!

Does anyone have any great plans for the 4th of July?  I plan on KNITTING!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

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