Friday, July 20, 2012

Wow, what a crazy week.  I do not want to bore anyone with yucky details, but I have a rental house and I have been trying to evict my renter for a couple of months now.....I had court yesterday and it was very stressfull.  The stress was enough to make me call a good friend.  I called Heather with Pyramis.  She has taken away most of my stress!  Thank you Heather!

Now to knitting...Wednesday, was a super day for knitting buddy from work came back from vacation after being gone for 18 days.  I missed her so much!  Then, my boyfriend sent me a link to a craigslist add where someone was looking for a knitter.  She wants 20 small fish knit for $65.00 and the knitter has to provide the yarn.  Here is a picture of what she had on the craigslist add:

I told her I would need to see it in person, so I met with her yesterday to get her 'prototype'.  I asked her if she was ok without the eyes and mouth (tedious yarn work for 20 fish) and she said she could make the eyes and mouth with puffy paint.  So I got the yarn (she wants 3 different colors, orange fish, pink fish and blue fish), and I knit one.  She did not have a pattern so I had to just wing it.  I think I did a pretty good job.  Mine is a touch bigger, but I think with practice, and maybe a needle size change, I can get it the right size.  Here is mine below hers:

Now, it took me about an hour to knit this little fish.  She wants to pay $65.00 for 20, and I have to provide the yarn.  The yarn was $8.61, so $65 - $8.61 = $56.39.  Divide that by 20 and it is about $2.82 per fish.  Now, I know that handmade crafts will never be sold at the price that reflects the time it took to make them, and I do not knit to make money, I knit because I LOVE it (However, I would love to find out a way to knit and make enough money so I do not have to work, but that is another story), but I think my time is worth a touch more than $2.82 per hour.  My delima now is do I tell her I can make them or no?  She did mention that she had another knitter willing to make them, but that knitter only worked off of patterns.  Maybe, if I give this lady a hand writtern pattern, she can ask the other knitter if she wants to do it?  What do you think?

My Camp Loopy Project 2, Milk run shawl, is coming along well.  I decided to change the ruffle.  I hope I like it.  I have about 6-7 more rows (of 607 stitches) and then I think I can bind off.  I will post a picture once it is done.

Here is the pattern of what I am going to make for Camp Loopy Project 3:

I finished the Lace Blanket Test knit, so I have decided to do another test knit.  This will be a dress for a little girl (6 months).  My daughter has a freind that has a 4 month old daughter and it will look great on her.  I am going to make it in pink and purple....I can't wait to show you all pictures.

The pillow KAL is coming along well.  I had a new clue yesterday, but I have not started.  Here is my pillow so far after clues 1 and 2. 

I hope to have more knitting updates this weekend or Monday!  Just one more week till the Ravellenic Games start....Yeah!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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