Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Luck of the Irish

 Hey everyone.....how are you?  I am doing okay.....I am hoping to have some luck of the Irish (Its St Paddy's Day in a few days) when it comes to my life in general....LOL!  I've been struggling with finding balance lately.....balalnce between work, knitting, gym, and just my general mental health.  I get new pellet insertion in 2 days so maybe that is what I need, but I guess we will see.

On the knitting front....I realized that last week I uploaded two of the same photos...so here is the 2nd one I meant to upload to show the difference in the icord cast ons...it will not be hard to guess which one I went with....LOL!

So I am certain that some of my lack of balance in the knitting department is that I have just bitten off more than I can chew...but I always do that....so here we go.

Monthly blankets..I still have about 6 triangles to make for this colorway

Here is March Color
and for this colorway...I still have a ways to go
and here is March color

Then I worked on the sweater for the Purled in Texas MAL/KAL.....I am pretty close to dividing for sleeves and then it will look more like a 'sweater'.

I bought some yarn to make my sister some socks

and I ordered more of the Wolltraum yarn to make some more crocheted shawls...inserting pics of previously finished shawls and new yarn on its way.

That is all I got....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting

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