Monday, February 3, 2020

Congrats Kansas City Chiefs!!!

Congrats to the Super Bowl LIV winners, the Kansas City Chiefs.  I was rooting for the Chiefs (Mahomes is from TX after all) but really enjoying the eye candy Garoppolo provided.

And it looks like an early spring for everyone....Punxsutawney Phil (who named him that anyway?) did not see his we all get an early spring!

I came home from work the other day and Jax was clearly super proud of himself....he chewed up a pillow and there were feathers and stuffing everywhere......

But he's such a cutie pie, it is hard to get mad at him (he really was so proud to be sharing all those feathers with mommy)!  I have this small ramp in front of the TV that I got from is meant for the small dogs (Precious and Purl) to climb onto....but Jax just climbed on it the other day....he has a big clear bin full of crap he chews up (books, wood, toys, sticks, etc) I assume he climbed up on the ramp to be by his toys....he really does not fit up there...LOL!

As far as knitting goes....I started a new hat for Cynthia....but ran our of the mohair....Darlene has ordered more and as soon as it comes it, I will finish the hat.

I also started on a sweater for me.  Darlene made me a sweater for Christmas.....I get it today, but I have already tried it on once and I LOVE I want to make more of these sweaters in different colors.  I know I look all weird sticking my chest out, but I am clearly not good at getting my picture taken while modeling a sweater....sorry!

New Sweater:

Joined in round, but have not yet divided for sleeves.

That baby blanket I made for Collins seems to be is my cousin holding his new granddaughter

I got some Hedgehogs Fibers Sock yarn in Film Noir off of destash.....just because the price was great and this will give me enough of this yarn to make a large wrap or sweater.

I made some healthy food for the super bowl (as I was alone most of the day)....some deviled eggs and some stuffed bell peppers.

And that is all I have this week.....I leave you with an amazing optical illusion (sorry, I could not help it)....and some other sayings like other weeks.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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