Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tis the Season......

Tis the Season to be sick I guess.....I have been miserable since shortly after Thanksgiving and am just now beginning to feel a little more human.  I saw the Dr Monday and she told me to get these puppies...and they not only have dried out my nose, but my eyes, mouth and I think pretty much every drop of liquid from my body......LOL....but I am feeling better

I also made my first ever chicken soup on my was pretty darn good

I am sorry I missed my Monday post but clearly my life and organization are like oil and water.....

I really have not done much.  I think I posted the last 3 weeks that I finally finished those Thanksgiving socks for Karl and I also just finally took a decent picture of them

I think I told you last week I was gonna start a hat....and I did.

the only other thing I worked on was Grace's Socks.....

I had a Poke Bowl that was amazing and just had to my first day of tea (even though I was sick) was fabulous.....I cannot wait to have day 4 today!

I do have a bit of a cute story from Thanksgiving and then I will give you my family picture overload from Thanksgiving.

Remember the sweater for Grace

Well, she has a friend who apparently really likes it....I was told the conversation went something like this:

Friend:  I love this sweater it's really nice
Grace:  Thanks, my Tante made it for me
Friend:  Your aunt made this for you?  What do I need to do to get one?
Grace:  Oh, I am pretty sure we would need to get married for that to happen!

Gotta love my niece....she is the greatest and she knows that sweater is not just for anyone.

Okay....Have a great week everyone....Here is my Thanksgiving family picture overload!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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