Monday, September 12, 2016

Exciting Stash Enhancements with a Hedgehog score!

Hi Guys and Gals....I am so excited about my stash enhancements, I am going to jump right in!

I have been on a bit of a leggings kick!  I got some new leggings with knit stitches on them and one pair with motorcycles on them....I just love all these leggings (and might have a pair with old time cars on the way)!!!

Then I scored some Hedgehog Yarn....I see this yarn all the time and have never used it....I got Film Noir and Bramble....I love them BOTH, but I love the Film Noir so much, I ordered one more skein.

Film Noir

I hit the Venus pack with this purchase....and Antonio loved the highlighter part so much, he took it. :)

I also got my FREE skein of yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks....this is for finishing 6 months of the socks each month.  It is called Zombody's Late from Alice in Wonderland.

I also got a package from Dyakcraft...I ordered random colored 3.5" needles to make a multi colored small needle set......These are all the ones I have...My size 8's are on my motorcycle hat (pic later) and I still need a size 10 in a new future color :)

Along with my 3.5" needles, I got 4 of the new Midnight needles in 5"...I love them and am saving up to get the other 4 needles to finish the set!

That is it for stash enhancements.....WHEW!  I did have a friend post on Instagram that she was tired of her Signature needles cords I sent her some of my Dyakcraft to try and a set of HiyaHiya needles to try..... as for the knitting.....I finished nothing and I hardly knit this week.....BOO HOO!

I worked on the black sweater....I would like to try to finish this by Thanksgiving and I am already behind.....I will try to catch up!

Then I started my DVD September socks.....Here comes the Zombride...I love this color!

And after ripping twice....I finally got the motorcycle hat restarted.

That is it.....I had a crazy busy weekend with Antonio...I got a new pool for him, we went to golf with my mom and dad and when he came over on Friday, he had a black check from where he hit his face on an entertainment center (cuz he has a crazy amount of energy)!!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting everyone!