Monday, September 26, 2016

Blah Blah Bronchitis

Hi everyone!  Last Wednesday evening I was experiencing some irritating post nasal drip at the back of my throat…I drank some hot tea and hoped it would go away, but when I woke Thursday morning, I felt pretty crappy…I rested, slept 10 hours, took meds and repeated....then Antonio came over his usual Friday evening to Saturday Evening.

When I woke Saturday, I had a bad cough, but we had golf to go to (my dad had a lefty set of clubs special made for Antonio) and we were gonna hit a bucket of balls with his new later.

Saturday afternoon, Celeste and Cataleya came over for a few hours and the kids swam in a small inflatable pool in the backyard, they ran around and played and colored, etc...Thank goodness Paige got off a little early and came over to hep me out…I was beat but stuffed full of over the counter everything just to get through the day because I didn't want to cancel. 

I went to bed after everyone was gone and slept 10 1/2 hours to Sunday morning.....but now my cough was worse so of to TX Med Clinic and a diagnosis of Bronchitis was made......steroids, coughing syrup (the good stuff, makes my face tingly), and tessalon pearls prescribed.

Today I am finally starting to feel better instead of worse (Yeah)!

Stash enhancements.....I got a new crochet hook to use for beading with my Celestarium.  This is my favorite one yet.  It seems to fit the bead and the yarn well.  Darlene also ordered me a fleegle beader, but I have not tried it yet (since I have been sick and have not seen her).

I got some worsted weight Juniper Moon Farm yarn.  The base is called Moonshine and it is Wool/Alpaca/Silk.  I am planning on making a cowl with this....but not sure when.

I got some self striping sport sock yarn from Darlene that I am in love with!

And a skein of DVD yarn in the Curious George Colorway

My 2nd skein of Hedgehog Yarn in the Film Noir colorway came in (both skeins together):

And my roommate, Carol, got me the most beautiful mug from Remembrances Pottery....she did it as a Thank you for letting her stay with me while her house is being fixed.  I love this has a knitted pattern on it, thank you Carol!

Knitting.....well, I have had lots of knitting time, but not all of it was utilized....being sick sucks....sometimes you just go from bed to chair to bed to chair......but I did finish Jaime's hat for his ride (he leaves Wednesday) and my September Socks!  Yeah!!!!  Now, his hat has some serious errors.....but it is my first attempt at double knitting and I am still pretty proud of the results!

Here are my socks...

Next Month I will do Halloween Moon:

The only other thing I knit on this week was my Celestarium....I am behind because I put it away to finish hat and socks....but I am hoping to make up for lost time while I recover from Bronchitis.  I am just about 10 rows into chart E, but hope to make it to Chart F today or tomorrow....we will see.

I leave you with some pics of my grand kids.....Antonio carrying his own clubs (next to my dad) and Antonio, Celeste and Cataleya in the pool...have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!

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