Monday, January 26, 2015

Finally, Some Knitting Time!

Well, almost all the sickies are out of my house, and I seem to have been able to fit in some knitting time this week.

I finished Antonio's socks....I also broke one of my new dyakcraft 3.5" Darn Pretty Needles, but DyakCraft is replacing worries.

This past week was Darlene's birthday....we all know how much I love her and how much she does for I wanted to get her something awesome (as awesome as she is).....Darlene watches The Walking Dead...and she loves Zombies....back in December, Susan from Desert Vista Dyeworks had a whole line of "Zombody's......"  There was Zombody's Love Ewe, Zombody's Poppin the Cork, Zombody, It's Cold Outside....But Darlene's favorite was Zombody's Kissing Santa Claus....I ordered her this yarn on December 6th....but it did not make it to me till January 20th.  I also got her a set of Signature DPN's.  While I prefer Magic Loop, she prefers DPN.....well, she loved it all and cast on right away...that always makes a gift giver feel good.

It all even went perfect with her Knit One, Sip Two wine glass and her ZOMBIE Bag by Awesome Grannie Project Bag.....

 She is truckin right along!

At the same time, I ordered myself some Poodle Skirt Yarn from, this does not count as breaking my yarn diet, because I bought them back in December!

I also got myself some new sock knitting needles....I got the DyakCraft Heavy Metal Set.  The set comes with one set of tips in each size 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3....but I do not use 0, 2.5 or I asked for two pairs of 1 (2.25 mm), two pairs of 1.5 (2.50 mm) and two pairs of 2 (2.75 mm)....they are so wonderful at DyakCraf, that they said yes!!

Here is my set....but my 1.5's and 2's are both on pairs of socks already......

I started on my poodle skirt socks right away....and I started with my 1.5's....Darlene is so awesome, she made me a new medium bag set for my socks along with needle holders....I have always wanted needle holders....and I love them!

Once I finished the heels....I jumped up to my 2's....this is my first fish lips kiss heel.....I enjoyed knitting far it feels good....I need to finish an entire sock before the jury is out on this heel.

Since I freed up my 1.5 needles.....I was just in a sock addiction mode....and had to cast on my turtle purl yarn in the trench coat colorway (which is like burberry!)....I cannot get to the small stripe of red/burgundy!  So here are my 1.5's at use again!

Then......Darlene talked me into starting another Weigh It Shawl....I thought I would try the Weigh It Shawl I pulled out my Volcanic Eruption in Yowza and cast on

But I really like the shape of the Weigh It Shawl I frogged and restarted.

Then, Darlene saw my Volcanic Eruption and she wanted to make a dark colored one....she she went through her stash and wound up her Masquerade and started that one as a Weigh It Shawl.....

I also have a skein of Masquerade in Yowza (and Katahdin) now I want to cast on with my you see this vicious cycle I get myself into?

Besides the shawl and two pairs of socks, the only other thing I have knit on was the 'A Day to Remember' shawl....It is coming along nicely....I was 9 days behind when I pulled it out this past I will need to redo my calendar/chart so I can still get this one done by early February.

I have been doing pretty good on my yarn diet (hey, I made it 26 days so far)....then, in my inbox this morning was a link to some gorgeous self striping yarn for the super, I cannot get the yarn in time for the super bowl....but my mother loves the seattle seahawks colors...and I want the patriots yarn for socks for me and Antonio....what is a girl on a yarn diet supposed to do?

Stay tuned for next week to see if I bought any!

My last knitting item is a stash enhancement from a wonderful lady in the UK.  Her name is Amanda (she is moo2moo on ravelry)....she and I are both on the RAK thread in the HiyaHiya Forum....she offered to make bags for some members and being the bag ho that I am, I jumped on the band wagon.  She asked me all sorts of questions as to what I wanted and sent me pictures along the way....well, my bags came.....I LOVE THEM.  They are part corduoy, and they are pink, purple, black and grey.  She has the cutest stitching on them too.  There is a top part that either just folds into the bag, or comes up with a drawstring closer....One of the straps on my crocheted bags broke, so this is a perfect filler....I have carried this large bag around since the day it came.  Thank you so much Amanda!  I hope you like your Hunter Hammersen Book I had sent to you as a RAK!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen....that is all I have.  I have a small surgery scheduled for this Wednesday so I hope it gives me some great knitting time......I will leave you with some cute sayings I got from Alice on the LSSK group (and I am sneaking in a picture of Antonio with a donut....I watched him most of this past weekend because his great grandmother was out of town).....

 My family knows better than this....they will not get hand knit items if they do this.

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