Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Happy Hump Day.  Did everyone have a great Labor Day weekend?  I did.....And I have lots to share.  I hope this post does not go too long!

First, I finally cast on that sweater for my daughter.  She says it has to be done by December 1 (I hope that is plenty of time).  It was her 18th Birthday this past Saturday....I cannot believe my 'baby' is 18.  She put the sweetest post on Facebook for me.  She is an awesome daughter!

Speaking of birthday's......I went to the cutest birthday party this weekend.  It was for a 2 year old that was born on the same day as Paige.  It was a Mickey Mouse themed party and the cup cakes were so cute, I had to share.

I am not a quilter or sewer, but a friend of mine did a quilt hop/shop thing and she got a sample of the cutest material.  It is shapes of Texas all over.  If you look at it one way (the way in the picture), the black part makes a Texas shape, and if you look at it upside down, the white part makes a Texas shape....pretty cool, huh?!!

Oh, I also knitted on that super secret scarf swap scarf...but I will not be able to show you pics of that for a while.  We mail them between October 15th and November I have plenty of time.

I am not sure if you remember, but a friend of mine went to Tin Smith's Wife with me a while back and bought some yarn and a pattern book and asked me to make it for her.  Well, I went to her and her hubby's house this past weekend....they have the Longhorn Network (Direct TV does not carry) and they are kind enough to let me intrude on their home whenever there is a game that is only on the Longhorn Network.  While I was seemed fitting to knit on her Tauri.  I have to do 52" of garter before I even start the shaping, so I have quite a bit to still go.

I am sure I have mentioned a couple of ladies that are here in San Antonio, TX that do a podcast called MustStash Podcast.  Well, Stacie (one of the podcasters) has decided to open an online yarn shop of hand dyed yarns.  It is called Must Stash Shop.  She had an awesome debut and sold out in like 25 min or so. Well, on a form post we started talking about college affiliations and she is an Aggie but I have always said that fiber enthusiasts come before college rivals.  Stacie said she would dye some yarn for me (yeah me!).  I gave her a picture as the inspiration and this past weekend when the newest episode of the podcast came out...she showed the yarn she dyed for me....I cannot wait to get it in my hot little hands!!!

OK, I know this is almost a book....but I have one more thing to share....without going into a long story let me just say that I decided I wanted to get a gun for protection.  So I told my boyfriend and he said the gun show was coming up and he would look for a gun for me.  I have only shot two different guns and I really like the .22 caliber.  So I asked him to get me a .22, revolver, with a short barrel.  Well, he got me a .38 lady special revolver.  He said (and many people agree) that if I need it for protection and I hit some intruder with a .22, it may just sting and not really 'stop' the intruder so I can get away.  He felt that a .38 is a much better gun to have and often a ladies gun (hence the name, Ladies Special).  Well, we went to the shooting range to shot both my new .38 and his .22 semi automatic.  While I agree with him that a .38 may 'stop' the person better, it will not stop anyone if I cannot hit the target.  I really am a big wimp because the .38 is very hard for me to pull the trigger, and it hurts once I pull the trigger, so I am hesitant to pull the trigger because I know there will be a big kick back that will hurt the palm of my hand under my thumb.  Maybe I need more practice, I have no clue...but I am hoping to sell my .38 (I am sure I will lose money, but I hope I do not loose too much $) and get a .22.

Here are my targets and a pic of my pink gun (Yes, I wanted orange, but they did not have it in orange). You probably cannot tell, but I got like 5 or 6 shots in the target with the .22, and zero with the .38 (the .38 target is the first picture)

Well, that was my week.....pretty jam packed.  I leave you with a picture of Antonio playing with a new tool kit and peg board with hammer that I got him....he was playing pretty intently and would not look up for the pic.

Happy Happy Knitting!!! 


  1. I was watching Stacie and Steph yesterday and saw the yarn. When she started talking about dyeing a special Longhorn yarn for their friend, Carrie, I knew exactly who they were talking about!!! Now you're world famous!!! :)

    1. I do not know about world famous for me...but at least I know some famous people!