Friday, July 12, 2013

It's been too long since I have posted.

It's been too long since I have posted.  Happy Happy Friday!!  Did everyone have a great 4th of July?  I had a rather lazy 4th of July, but that is perfect for me.  I did not knit as much as I normally would have with a holiday and 4 day weekend (I took the Friday after the 4th of July off, so I guess it was like a vacation).  Actually, my knitting mojo has been lacking lately.  I am really not sure why!  I LOVE to knit!  It is the thing I look forward to doing every day, but lately it seems like it is a chore to pull out my knitting......WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?????  I hope my knitting mojo comes back soon.

For the 4th of July I went to Rockport (a last minute idea) with my boyfriend, his two sons, and a good family friend (like another son to both me and my boyfriend).  I knit on the beach for a while and it was very relaxing.  I even got a little sun that so far is turning into a slight tan (knock on wood, I never tan)!

Here is my beach knitting.

My daughter, Paige, got me a really cute longhorn cup that is 24oz.  This is a Tervis Tumbler and I am really liking these cups.  I already have a few in the 16oz. and now I have a big one!  Everyone knows how much I love the Longhorns!

Paige also cut Antonio's hair again.  It is a BUZZ is cute, but I miss the curls.  I know they will grow back.  Oh, on the good side of this haircut.....when Antonio eats Lemon Chicken and gets the sauce in his hair, it is super easy to clean out (Ask me how I know!)

Now....what have I been knitting on?  Well, I already mentioned that I have not been knitting as much as usual, so I only have two things to report.  My Hitchhiker for Camp Loopy #2 is at 26 teeth, and I am barely 2-3 inches into the cuff of a pair of socks (that are supposed to be finished by the end of July).

I think I have mentioned before that I love bags....all kinds of bags....Purses, beach bags, project bags, totes, anything!  Well, my one of my best friends, Darlene, found a new kind of bag called a Japanese Knot Bag (Or something like that) and one handle is bigger than the other and then when you carry it, you put the long handle thru the short handle and only have to hold onto the long handle.  Well, being the awesome Darlene that she is (one of her granddaughters calls her "Awesome Grannie"), she made me a longhorn one (I do not know how to sew).  I LOVE it and it is perfect travel size.

Isn't it cute?  Darlene and I have been talking about getting a knitting tattoo.  I have a picture of one that is an example of what we want to get.  We talked about the inside of wrist (just like in the picture) but I am not sure I want a tattoo there.  I want to see my tattoo (especially of a ball of yarn and knitting needles) but I want it easily covered up for work, maybe my shoulder or something....I am not sure.  Any suggestions? 

Lastly.....I have one dog whose hair grows long.  I have a Chihuahua, miniature dachshund, and chihuahua/terrier/something mix...these three dogs all have short hair and they shed.  I also have one Yorkshire Terrier whose hair grows long and she does not really shed.  I told her all week that I would get her into the groomer this week (when I really needed to do it a few weeks ago).  I stayed true to my promise this time.  Paige dropped her off for me this morning and I will pick her up this afternoon.  I did snap a 'before' picture.  Even with hair too long, she is still just as precious as she always is (and he name is Precious).  She is never happy going to the groomer, but she is always happy afterwards.  Here is the last time I blogged about her going to the groomer.  She always looks like a different dog when she is done.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I will be having a new AC unit installed for the upstairs during my SNB.  Lately, the upstairs AC has not been working as well as it should be. Happy Happy knitting to all!!!!

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