Monday, February 27, 2023

So this is Fifty-One!

 Hey yall.....I have made it to another birthday....this is fifty-one....and while I know that is 'young', but do I feel old some days....but I digress.  

I had a fabulous birthday hanging out with Antonio....I was supposed to go bowling with Paige, Kody and Antonio....but Paige went out with the girls the night before to the rodeo and was not feeling her I decided to postpone till this week...I am actually more excited that she had fun with Sam and Bizz!  Here are my girls:

This week Antonio wanted to make MORE strawberries so we got hydroponic ones....these are huge!

He also got these ridiculously hot cheese puffs!

And we finished one puzzle

I ordered another puzzle that is going to look like least I hope it makes it to me.  I have ordered this puzzle once already and it was delivered to Massachusetts...go figure!

I finished Paige's socks

I also pulled out an OLD wip (a blanket for Paige) where I make 20 squares...these squares have tons of cables so it take a lot of thinking power...but maybe one day I will have it done

I also worked on my christmas yarn socks....I have never made socks with this long a cuff, but I want to use ALL this yarn and show the gradient so I am going with a super long cuff!

I got some yarn in to make those slippers Paulette made for Tone and I....

Oh, and since it was my birthday....I went to an amazing dinner last night, where I managed to not get a single parents got me another pair of Hoka Shoes (Paige got me my first pair last year and I love them).

Erich and Devinne, Erich's girlfriend, got me some tea and the greatest notebook

And Paige is taking me bowling this week (hopefully I remember to get a picture)!  It was a fabulous birthday!  Thank you for all the amazing messages and well wishes!

That is all I have ...have a great week

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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