Monday, June 8, 2020

Happy Graduation Class of 2020!

Hey everyone.....This year's graduation class is not like any other...but my amazing Nephew is graduating with or without Covid...LOL.  He had his ceremony with students 6 feet apart.  I got to watch online from my yarn room/office in my pj's as it streamed over the internet.  My sister and the family got to be there in person.  Congrats Sean!  I am so proud of you!!!

Antonio started Golf Camp this week.....I love this kid!

He also got a pet snake from aunt Bizz......his name is Draco....yes, from Harry Potter!

I got a surprise visit from my girls this past was wonderful!  I took them to Paige's house to see Paige too!

I got a new Bag from Bags By Awesome is the new tote....this thing holds 7 skeins of yarn and the project (just beginning) and is the cutest bag ever!  If you have been debating on this new tote....get it!

I went to Chicken N Pickle this past Sunday (Yesterday) with Paige, Kody, Antonio, Bizzle, and Tara....I did not take a single picture but I had an amazing time..we all played pickle ball (new to us all) and had a great time.......then we went out to eat at 54th street bar and was fabulous! I snagged this pic from Tara's instagram.

Im still trying to eat as healthy as possible...but my weight is not fact, it is going up.  So yesterday I did a super intense workout with Ped and plan on seeing Ped every Sunday and then still doing my 6 day a week workouts from Nathan.

Oh, and Paige and I swapped yoga mats....since I love orange and elephants!

and finally knitting....Yes, I know this is a knitting blog....I finished all my sister's pot holders/dishcloths....then made one for my mom and one for Darlene...I still need to make the 2nd for my mom and that is the plan this week and hopefully you won't have to  keep seeing my dishcloths...LOL!

I leave you with a picture of my dork Jax, and his head hanging off the treadmill (this is where he likes to sleep) and a reminder to be brave....I am trying to be more brave and say how I feel, find my passion and never apologize....these things may sound easy, but for me, they are I need a reminder every once in a while!

Have a great week everyone

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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