Monday, March 2, 2020

Fabulous Birthday!

Hey everyone!  I had a FABULOUS birthday!  I got more flowers than I have ever gotten in the past!  It was AMAZING!  First, on my actual birthday, Darlene and Jennifer took me to breakfast....Darlene was going to get me an edible arrangement, but the logistics were a nightmare, so she made me a custom edible arrangement.....The flowers that Jennifer wrapped in amazing knitting paper were beautiful!

Craig got me two boxes of Toffifay (He knows me so well)!

My son's friend sent me flowers and 2 boxes of chocolates....she is so sweet!

Even a couple of days later they are still beautiful!

Paige, Kody and Antonio took me bowling with Nachos, fries and fried pickles!

I even won the 2nd game (Yes, Antonio helped on a few of my frames!)!

On Monday, Darlene and I cast on our shawls

On Thursday I went to see my girls at knit night!

On Saturday I was lazy...but Sunday I scrubbed floors and set up an old bar at my house.  This cast iron bar was my parents' bar....I have had it for a while, but in the garage and a closet.....I am glad I pulled it out, scrubbed it down and set it up.  It looks nice......Oh, I also found a receipt from 1985 in one of the paper bags that was covering the seats for storage.

Then it was time to go to my sister's house for dinner on Sunday for my mom's amazing Cannelloni!  Now, one would think I would get pictures of this amazing food...but nope....I forgot.  My nephew was bit by one of the dogs (two of the girls fight for dominance sometimes) so he had to go to emergency clinic and well, the food was I was darn near licking my plate and forgetting all about pictures!  Here are Sean's stitches:

My sister got flowers for me, Paige and my mom took home pink, Paige got yellow and I got white.....they are gorgeous...this is my 3rd set of flowers for my birthday week.....just an all around amazing week....I am so blessed!

I did do a little bit of knitting.  I got the vortex semi divided for sleeves, but now it is time to figure out the color work (which was far too much thinking for me at the time):

I did want something a little mindless and this sweater is so close to being done....I pulled it out and did an inch or so.  Just about 5 or 6 more inches and some sleeves and I should be done.

Well, that is all I have.  Have a great week!  Here is a beautiful picture from Paige's social media and some fun sayings.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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