Monday, February 24, 2020

Happy Birthday Week!

Hey is my Birthday week.....I have already had some great gifts.....I showed you my shoes from my Mommy and Daddy (Yes, I still call them Mommy and Daddy!).....and Darlene is knitting me a sweater.....she needs a bit longer, but the surprise will be amazing.

My gift to myself....well, I have had them for a while...but my Air Pods Pro!

and a new indoor/outdoor grill.  This was an impulse buy.  I was in a Fitness FB group and someone posted some salmon made with a grill in their kitchen and I asked them about it....they pointed me to the George Foreman grill on Amazon .....for $150 (link here) and I almost just ordered it on Amazon.....but thought, "Do I really want to spend $150 on a grill?"  So I looked on Offer Up and found a brand new one still in box (I think they might have used it once and washed it and put back in box) for $60.....score!

I made Chicken Breast and Brussel sprouts and it was super tasty!

Later I made some chicken and yummy!

Plus, I guess getting my Blanket Kit was kinda present to myself too.....I got the first month's yarn and did the first month took just barely over an hour, so I am hoping future months have a little more work to do......

Then as a surprise, last Friday I got February's package....

I finished knitting on it too....this took more than an hour, but not more than a weekend....

I also worked on my Vortex some more.....

I worked some more on my disasterous yarn room.....and I think I might (maybe) have a bag problem!

On Friday Jaime took me to Red Lobster for my Birthday dinner...I got King Crab Legs...and I love King Crab Legs

I also went to Alessandro's One Year Birthday Party this past Saturday....this kid is just too cute!  Oh and they have a goat!!!




Okay, I think that just about sums up my week leading up to my birthday tomorrow......Today I will cast on for my Julie's Wrap with Darlene.....and Jennifer is casting on with us, but she is casing on her Fading Point Shawl.

Well, that is all I have....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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